Saturday, December 11, 2010


Could someone tell what you believed based soley upon your actions? On Facebook, I see common words such as, The Word, Jesus, Believer, Protestant, Evangelical, Catholic, Mary, Holy, Muslim, Islam, Secular, Atheist, Humanism, etc. etc. a whole bunch!

I began to wonder: if you never told anyone that you were a Protestant, Catholic, Mormon, Muslim, or Athiest - would they know? Could you go 24 hours without saying words specific to your personal beliefs? Could you rely only upon your actions and interactions with other people for the message of your personal beliefs to shine through? If the answer is no - why not?

This does of course include Facebook: posting links, articles, Youtube videos - etc. Could you go a whole 24 hour period without specifically mentioning your personal faith beliefs and relying only upon how people percieve you? Personally, I think more faith and belief is required to be a representative of your faith based upon actions alone.

If you take this challenge, I'll be interested to hear your feedback.


Anonymous said...

I like this! If I felt that I belonged to any one label right now, I would absolutely take up this challenge. But I am always a work in progress, and I know that trying, for one day, to conform to a label that I can't even agree with at the moment would be portraying myself as someone I am not. Those who know me know that I am struggling, I don't hide it, so I suppose that I do portray myself as who I am...a jumble of mixed feelings and insecurities about my faith and beliefs. Again, a work in progress, and I truly believe that God understands and is patient about it. At least I hope so...

MaggieMormon said...

The journey isn't about being tidy - life is messy. I think the best part about the journey is finding yourself amidst the everyday choas called life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!