Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Steve hasn't exactly understood why I have totally and completly overwhelmed this week. School started this week - I have two classes right now. Contemporary Business Communication (COM 140) and Skills for learning in info age (GEN 105). In these classes, I have to post my participation three times a week and have three writing assignments (two small and one big one) due every week. Yikes! I've been doing my best to keep caught up with the reading assignments, the posts, and writing my papers. I thought I was doing really well since in my COM 140 class I had completed both reading assignments and posted in the DQ (Discussion Question) threads. I've already started my "big" assignment that's not due until Sunday and was feeling pretty capable. In my GEN 105 class - I have a small paper due tonight, another small one due Friday, and a large one due Sunday (I think...) and have written both the small ones and am working on the big one.

Then I logged on and checked my inbox, etc to find that I had posted my first GEN 105 paper to my COM 140 class. Talk about embarrassed! At least the professor was really nice and low key about my mistake.

Steve had a good laugh at my expense.

It made me really understand how important it is to get and stay organized with my classes. I have felt so exhausted this week - mentally and physically. Staying up late to get my work done, working at the store (this week I've had two physically challenging major projects to work on), being a Mom and a wife - my head is spinning.

In other news - my weight loss has once again come to a stand still. In fact, I've gained a few pounds. But, my size 12 jeans continue to get baggy. During my craziness this week, I've misplaced my one and only belt that actually fits me so my pants seem to slipping again. I hope the weight gain is muscle and not fat. I've been working really hard to maintain and gain muscle.

Now I'm going to drag myself to bed. Any prayers for our van would be much appreciated. I've got to take it to a few shops in town and have our rear shoes looked at. I'm officially jaded.

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