Friday, October 3, 2008

A Total Ramble - Protein, Ballon-A-Palloza Pics, and Religion!

Yay it's Friday! I've got two days off - which I really need. My house is a wreck, I need to get a ton of errands and shopping done, and would love some family time. Which this week - has been really lacking.

So this week, I've been majorly increasing my protein intake and taking out my carbs as much as possible, doing my best not to have any carbs in my meals (next to impossible for me since I love carbs so much!). I've managed to jump start my weight loss again and have taken off 5 more lbs. I'm so excited. I'm eating a ton of almonds, beans, eggs, and chicken in almost every meal. For breakfast I've started having either a bowl of oatmeal with almonds in it or a Chilli Cheese Omelet with Shredded Chicken. I am full for HOURS whereas before I was starving all day long and hopefully after being on a high protein diet feeding my muscles, my next bike commute will be easier. I noticed my last commute, prior to starting this diet, that the commute itself was much easier - in fact, I hardly felt a burn or anything at all, and was less tired than I was even last week when I initially started doing this. However, when I get to that 1.5 at the end of the day, I feel suddenly feel exhausted, overheated, and tired. And it happens in a matter of minutes. Fine when I get to 2 miles out from my house, but another 1/2 mile away and suddenly I am dying. The people I talked to about this all said that it was my diet - even though I had cut all soda out, even though I was drinking a ton of water, even though I was eating 5 small meals, baking and grilling, etc etc - I was on a high carb low protein and all the wrong proteins and meats diet. IE - red meat which is high in the wrong fats. I can still have my red meats, I just eat fresh pineapple afterwards. ;)

So hopefully, this will feed my muscles what they need to make all 25 miles of the commute and not give out that last 1/2 mile.

In other news, Steve's birthday is less than two weeks away. Now that I'm in shape, I cannot wait to use his birthday present (camping gear). We went hiking when we initially adopted Maya - I was in horrible shape then, and now I am eager to tackle it again. Although, even though I can bike 25 miles a day, I wonder, does that equal good hiking shape? Not the same beast by far, so am I still going to be wheezing, dying, and wishing I'd never suggested it?

This past week on Focus on the Family, they spoke about adoption agencies not adopting out to homosexual couples and that Christians who support same sex marriage try to support it from the Bible. Last night, on another program I heard four total reasons given for Christians not speaking out against same sex marriage - none of them were kind to those who support it. Like me. But none of their options were where I would classify myself. I know that homosexuality is a sin. But there are a ton of things that the Bible says is a sin. I know that. We are all sinners (or beggars) in need of a Savior. As I recall, in Protestant teachings, all sin is equal. All sin is covered by the blood of Christ. Homosexuality, stealing a pen, telling a white lie - all the same. But I also believe that there is separation of Church and State - freedom FROM and OF religion. If other's do not share this belief, Christian or not - they should not be forced to share my belief, especially not legislated to share my belief. So, therefor, I will not vote to "protect the sanctity of marriage" (<--- that's a prime example of attracting criticism and might I add - MORMONS tote that one too) because I will not force my belief on others. I don't see Jesus forcing others to follow Him and adhere to the Law so I'll follow suit.
Now, of course, I am on a ramble. This is what I get for blogging before my morning Amp. Which of course has become more of a mental addiction than any real need. Off to get costumes, face paint, and more! I'll leave you with some pictures! I recently volunteered with GP for their Balloon-A-Palloza booth and was stuck face painting. Shockingly, I had a fantastic time (even if I felt horrible every time the kids' faces fell when I did a horrible job). To bypass having that happen again - I've pulled out my year old face paint from last year's Halloween party and been practicing on my kids. You can also see pictures from GP's booth here.
Anya and Maya playing in Pahrump two weekends ago.

Playing with "poof dirt".

GP's booth. Face Painting.

(That's only a few of the pics from BP, so check out the link for all of them.)

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