Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another Brain Dump

This weekend is BUSY! We went out for a nuclear/professional/engineer social last night. Two different professional organizations came together - the ANS (American Nuclear Society) chapter from UNLV (surrounded by those who hold Master's Degrees and currently in school for their PhDs was tiny bit intimidating!) and Steve's organization of NAYGN (North American Young Generation Nuclear). Plus, earlier that same day - we took Steve's Mom and Dad out to eat for their birthdays. Plus we had major cleaning to do since we were having a babysitter over that night for the social.

This morning was the local National Pit Bull Awareness Day held by Monsiour Pit Bull Rescue (10 am - 2pm) and tonight we have Halloween plans with Steve's co-workers from ISSI and BSC to go to the Spring's Preserve for their Halloween special. Whew! We were supposed to go camping - but um, didn't have the time. :(

I've been weighing in at 171.2 - SO close to that 40 lb mark now! I am so excited. For one, Cosmo put out an article (actually a few good ones for a change in their magazine) this month about healthy eating and exercise. After reading this, I've added The Runner's Diet to my Amazon Christmas Wishlist. Sounds like a fantastic book. And I am seriously considering buying into the Nutrisystem program for these next few months. I'll have to read up more on it - because lots and lots of protein is VERY important to me due to my biking routine. I'm just growing weary of trying to plan our entire family's meals around my protein diet when the kids are less than thrilled about it. No way do I want to make two meals each seating - one for me and one for the rest of the family. Grrr...

I've also picked up some Muscle Milk. I was reading the ingredients this morning - and I'm just a tiny bit skeptical on how good this is for me. It's something crazy like 230 or 250 calories per serving (WOW) and it says 25g of protein. I am trying very hard to get as much protein in my system as possible to really make sure I do not burn any muscle mass on my rides. I also picked up some (I believe) Garlic and Cayenne supplements (I read that these spices help boost metabolism) - I forget what exactly it was, but it was spicy spice. :) I want to really crunch down on the last leg of this weight loss before Christmas arrives.

School starts Monday. I am very nervous. I've already started my first reading assignment - about a great topic. Blogs and the affect they have on business. So far, it's proven to be an excellent and interesting article. It really reminds me how far behind some people can be in technology. The stories it provides are very interesting as well - from a young man fired from Google for blogging about his experiences as a new hire, to someone who blogged about Netflix in a negative manner and then became their informant due to the high response he got. Wow. All this from blogging. Who knew?

I am not thrilled to be a Psychology major, but it's the stepping stone to my Ethology Masters.

T-Mobile launched their G1 phone and Steve and I are both smitten. The price tag is outrageous BUT being the nerds that we are, we are seriously considering investing in atleast one of these phones if not two. We are such geeks I swear. This phone is amazing.

Well, that's enough blogging for now - I must get off my rear and go workout and get ready for our Halloween outing. Have a great weekend everyone!

(Pics below - I believe they look utterly horrible. Wish I had had the a300 with me to take better quality pics.)

^ Steve and Norman playing head to head pool. Just like the old days in college.

^ Mr. Plato himself. ;)

^ Ashley from the ANS UNLV chapter. She had a ton of fun whooping on the boys during pool.

^ The ANS chapter.

^ The Freemont St. Experience.

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