Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Weekend

So - I started off my weekend on Thursday by finally successfully commuting both ways to work without any rides, etc. I biked 25 miles in one day. WOW. I also learned a few other lessons.

1. No matter how peeved I am when I set out biking, it usually melts away with the burning in my legs as I pedal 12 miles.

2. That people can be amazing. About 7 miles into my commute home, my bike chain came off (I stupidly shifted gears while going a high speed) and tangled around my right pedal and the area the chain goes on. I still had almost 5 miles to go and there was no way I would be able to walk it in a decent amount of time. I pulled off to the side, and felt compelled to turn around, and ask these two men coming out of a Burger King if they knew anything about bikes - sure enough, they knew how to repair my chain. God amazes me sometimes - it's the little things that touch the heart.

3. That people can be absolutly crazy. We had some local police officers at the store the other day, so I took a short break and picked their brains on biking and the laws. Could I ride the sidewalk? What are the laws when I ride the street? Etc. As a biker on the street, I am under the same rules that all the other drivers in cars are. I also find out that it is perfectly legal to bike on the sidewalk (I need in 50% of my commute) so long as I yield to pedestrians and I have some sort of device that alerts them to my prescence (horn, bell, etc). Of course, a lot of this I did remember from my written DMV test (yes I'm a nerd) but wanted to be sure of. So, at the last leg of my commute, I came to a four way stop where I needed to turn left. I waited my turn, made my hand signal, and proceeded through the intersection. While, a huge SUV blew the stop sign (more accurately did a CA rolling stop) and then almost ran me over. When I confronted them about it, they told me to stay on the sidewalk and the "fuck" out of their way.

4. That when I bike that much - resisting yummy food, but high in fat or empty calories like soda, becomes very easy. I just think back to trudging up those hills, and think, "I did not work my bum off for this!"

I have started doing some push ups each day. So far, I can 10 per set. I try to do three sets - but space them out throughout the day. I do not need more sore muscles than I already have. At this point, I think I'm starting to put on muscle and so my pound loss is not nearly as exciting. Although, Steve's clothes on me are getting loose. Even though I cannot see the pounds dropping off as I wish they were, the fact that I feel more lean and that clothes are fitting me nicer, is enough - for now.

After I got home, and took an ice cold shower to cool off, we set about packing and last minute cleaning before heading out of town. I've got so much I want to share. Of course, my camera DIED the first day out there. So mostly, I got pictures for me. I took pics of the gauntlet and the dogs that I used to be terrified of so I could bring them back home and observe their body language as they barked at Maya and me. During this walk, I think I saw a Mountain Lion! I couldn't believe it, but when I described it to Steve and his mom they were like, "Actually, those are pretty common here because we are in the middle of nowhere and people are pretty careless with their food (trash). There's been mountain lion attacks before. Good thing it didn't come around to you." Wish I had caught it on camera.

We went to the town's Fall Festival (formerly the Harvest Festival) which was a ton of fun. On Friday, we visited booths - I was on the lookout for something special for my Ravelry DAR Swap Partner. But alas, no homemade licorice or sweet coffee or even yarn and sewing supplies were being sold. I was very disappointed. Paul got to ride down a giant slide with a pool at the bottom - which he loved. When he realized there was water involved, he started stripping down to nada until Steve and I caught him and told him to keep his cloths on. :P

Did a lot of swimming with Maya and the kids. She's getting a lot better with her pool manners. And we even accomplished "sit" at a great distance. Me at one end of the pool, and her at the complete opposite waiting for the toy to be tossed in. It was awesome. I took the time to alter my approach to teaching her, "bring it" and "give". I also noticed, that as soon as something even small changed about the training, she had to really think about it to grasp what was being asked - even though she had done this several times over, one small thing being different totally threw her. At one point, she was so confused, she simply sat and waited.

On Saturday, we used our POP Carnival tickets. We spent hours there with the kids letting them go on all the rides they wanted. We felt so badly later when we returned for Mommy and Daddy rides to find more kiddie rides on the other end mixed in with the adult rides (you know like the Zipper or the Sea Ray). There's always next year. They had a blast. And of course got to spend plenty of time with Grandma and Grandpa.

We returned Saturday night to go on adult rides and had a ton of fun. I loved the weightless feeling so many of these rides offer. It's incredible and the thrill is awesome. I'm also really glad that I took off so much weight before going - because I might not have fit into some of these rides otherwise. How embarrassing. :(

One of the highlights was that I rode the mechanical bull - twice! The second time I stayed on for over 20 seconds. Steve says they cranked it up to knock me off because I stayed on too long, I told him his flattery was appreciated. It was very addicting and I cannot wait to go next year and do it again. I'll be in better shape and I'll make sure to take some pain killers and wrap my wrists beforehand. That's the main reason I let go, my wrist hurt so badly from the odd position I was in.

Steve and I have a new deal. If I can get down to college size (or look like college size) by a date yet to be set, then he will allow me to go repelling. We found out that one of his dad's buddy's takes groups out for rock climbing and repelling. I am terrified of heights - but I cannot put into words how amazing it is to overcome a fear. Walking that gauntlet and not being afraid of those dogs was incredibly amazing. I even walked past a gate that was open with a Rottie inside, barking away. But by standing sideways and watching his language (what little I know that is) I felt incredibly safe that he wasn't HA.

Now, I've got a mountain of laundry, have to find my camera charger, and now it appears Steve's wallet. Whew! Off to get stuff done! Have a great Sunday everyone. I'll share pictures later.

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