Friday, September 12, 2008

Pit Bulls, Nail Polish, La Femme

I'm totally excited to see that one of our local Pit Bull Rescue Group's is doing something for Pit Bull Awareness Day. Of course, I've never been to a candlelight vigil - so I haven't a clue what to expect and I really hope it draws in a crowd outside of the pit bull world. Which for me, as someone who wants to educate non-pit bull owners about pit bulls - is something I really want to do. But, as someone who is not a professional rescue, then this will be excellent hands on experience to go and observe.

So, if you're in the Vegas area - wanna come check it out with me? The other local pit bull rescue group is doing something as well, on the actual pit bull awareness day (Saturday October 25th) - a meet and greet. I don't have any more information yet, but I'm hoping I'll get to bring Maya. :)

Today at work, I coveted all the ladies around me who had nice nails. I used to waste a ton of time and money of getting my nails done. It's so relaxing (I gotta say, I still cannot think of ANYTHING as relaxing as knitting AND getting a spa pedicure - oh now that is heaven) and it makes me feel so feminine. My kids are very young - so when I stay at home, I'm lucky to get a shower in everyday - let alone put on makeup or pluck, shape my eyebrows. It's hard to feel feminine and sexy, and beautiful for my husband. So, when I go through spurts when I am able to get my nails done - it makes me so pretty. BUT at the same time, it's a very unwise financial investment - if I get acrylics then I have to continue getting them done over and over and over again every 2-3 weeks so they continue to look nice (which of course I want) and of course I want acrylics because I'm rough and tough on my nails and a wimpy little manicure isn't going to hold up to the beating I'm going to put it through in the first five minutes let alone two weeks. But the acyrlics - fills and and complete sets are very expensive and costly with my time. Manicures, while less expensive both during the initial visit and each upkeep visit - take more upkeeps because the manicure chips away faster.

Therefor, a girl needs to know how to do her own nails. However, this is a skill I never took the time to learn as a young lady. I learned how to ride in a Western saddle and bareback - but never to paint my own nails. I used to spend hours reading with my Mamau - but never learned to paint my own nails. I learned how to read music (eh - I manage, but don't ask me to write anything fancy ;) ) but never to paint my own nails. About as far as I got was that I needed a base, color, then a top coat. Huh. And whenever I paint my own nails - I somehow wager that Paul and Anya could have done a better job. And after all the time, effort, and paint I use - I wonder if it still would be a better investment of time and money to just go get it done rather than spend three hours trying to do it myself. After several tries and corrections and I FINALLY had decent looking nails, I decided even though I was coughing up my own lungs, I'd take Maya for a walk. So, stupidly I changed tops - and damaged every nail on my freshly painted left hand.

Fuming I took Maya for a walk where I encountered these kids I try to serve every Wednesday night, but because I've been feeling so cruddy for awhile now, have missed for a couple of weeks now. They asked where I had been and I explained I hadn't been feeling well but would bring them cookies and drinks again once I was well. Some new kids were there and they were much younger, but had no fear at all of Maya - which made me so happy. So many kids seem scared of her. I put her in a sit/stay position and she allowed all the little ones to pet her and make smoochy faces at her. She was in heaven, eagerly licking their faces and so excited but being such a good girl - staying in her sit/stay position - the only give away being that her tail and entire butt was waging so excitedly in the dirt. With her training she is becoming an amazing ambassador for her breed.

So I guess tomorrow I'll have to clean off my destroyed left hand and try again. Grrr.... I guess this is what I get for trying to be girly. :P If only it were easier. I have three days off! Yay! Our foster Tye will be returning on Sunday and we're considering fostering a Staffy/Bull Terrier mix named Zesus Blue - who looks very handsome indeed. Did you know Bull Terriers get 91.5% on their temperament tests? WOW. Amazing dogs. All for now! I am so glad the weekend is here. Time for lots of green tea, podcasts, and medicine and hopefully this cruddy sickness will pass soon!

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