Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bakin' Shakin' Pit Bulls

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While reading up on PBRC last night, I also discovered that there is an Annual Pit Bull Awareness Day - if you know me in real life, prepare to hear day and night about this awareness day. I have already emailed the heads of the two bully rescue groups here in Vegas. I want Vegas to be involved in education and making sure that BSL does NOT hit here. We've been very fortunate about this so far, but only through educating the public can we continue with this.

I am VERY excited about this and cannot wait to learn more about this and what other groups and states are doing. Especially places with BSL currently in place.

PBRC also has a little store and for 2009, they have "Happy Endings" calendar which I am all too excited about. (Not to mention way too many t-shirts for me to choose only 1 to show my support and make a donation to the cause of rescue, rehab, and rehoming.)

This past weekend, we ran into a real chance to rescue a stray - alas he got away from us, but is has given us the chance to really evaluate what we think we know about pit bulls and then the real life application. Like, what is body language conveying to us? How do we really entice a pit bull to come to us when it doesn't trust us? And of course - giving us more and more chances to educate, educate, educate. During our my bike ride last night, I ran into two police officers. I mentioned that I was looking for a male, unaltered, cinnamon colored American Pit Bull Terrier. That he was not, HA (Human Aggressive) and from my limited interaction with him, did not seem to be DA (Dog Aggressive) as he passed by not one, but two leashed small dogs. Steve pointed out that police officers, more than any one else, has reason to see the negative in pitties since they probably see more ill treated and trained pitties than good ones. So of course, I shouldn't have been shocked when the officers began to lecture me on those "dangerous animals" - even though I had just told them the reason I was looking for this dog was because Steve and I foster pitties.

So I took this moment to educate these officers - who by the way, were making kissy noises at Maya (an APBT mix) and petting her and might I add proudly, was sitting very nicely. Great breed amabassador moment. When I informed them that the dog they were currently loving on was a pit, they came back with, "Well you don't train your dog to be an asshole do you?"

I think most often people forget that dogs are without a sense of morality. They do not know innately what is right and wrong. They are not human beings. And as such, they are in every sense a victim when say dog fighters then make them into dog fighters. They do not know it is wrong to kill another being. They are simply doing what they are trained and exploited to do. The characteristic of the APBT/AST/ST are that they aim to please their masters. That's who they are. And dog fighters often abuse this. But especially after the Michael Vick's case, we are learning that the dogs themselves are not mean, vicious dogs wanting to kill kill kill other dogs - they lack trust in human beings, but overall are just plain and simple victims who need time and love to heal. And once they heal, they are fine - they are not ticking time bombs as so many believe them to be.

However, if a "pit bull" is HA - then I 100% believe they deserve nothing less than a one way trip to the vet. This isn't their fault, and I am really heartbroken for them, but it goes against the breed standard and nature, there is something wrong with them, AND every case of HA pit bulls makes life harder for stable, non-HA, loving, wonderful, well behaved pit bulls out there. For every case of HA pit bulls out there, more and more breedism and BSL will be passed. And this HAS to stop. We do not need another Denver incident - which I still cannot believe occurred within the US. Utterly frightening.

Time to go to bed and make my playlists for the morning. Have a Shakin' Bakin' Night! :)

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