Sunday, August 31, 2008

Speechless Friday

So it's not Friday anymore, BUT this blog is from Friday, my last shift before my three day weekend. I was trying very hard to be patient, kind, and remember the grace that Jesus gave me and to share it with others.

It's not uncommon for people to be rude to the person behind the counter - especially on Sundays, which is really sad. It's not uncommon in the service industry for the church people to be the worst people to serve. But I find it HILEROUS that they do not even HIDE it, but advertise that they are church people. When I'm advertising - even with a tiny cross necklace, garments under my clothes, a CTR braclet, or even a "Saturday is a Special Day" t-shirt, I am STILL extra special mindful of my actions because for me - I am representing even moreso Christ (if that makes sense) because I am advertising my specific church/religion of choice (Mormon or Protestant).

So, when this guy with this HUGE "A Blood Donor saved my LIFE" Evangelism t-shirt walked in and was very rude to me, all I could do was shake my head and have a speechless laugh. I tell you, these days - I'd make a better jaded atheist that a good Christian. People, use common sense. If you're going to behave like an ass, then please don't wear your Jesus Freak gear. If you're going to wear you're Jesus Freak gear, then please be on your best behavior. Otherwise, you're simply furthering a sterotype that is more and more becoming the norm. The people of this "world" - the ungodly, that will burn in "hell", are more well mannered and kind to the people behind the counter than the ones who have encountered Jesus, grace, mercy, etc and are supposed to be sharing it with the world. Oh wait - I guess that's what that damn T-shirt was doing. My bad, I forgot this whole stupid world has gotten to be so darn lazy that the t-shirt does the Evangelizing while the man acts anyway he darn well pleases because "once saved always saved". ;)

And that's my speechless Friday. :) Imagine if I wasn't a Christian. :)

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