Sunday, July 20, 2008

Taking it Back

At some point during blogging, I stopped blogging for me and I started blogging for other people. "I can't write that because someone might read it and hurt their feelings..." and on and on it goes. I do believe that when I blog, there is a certain level of both personal responsibility as well as overall responsibility - but at the end of the day, it is still a personal blog of thoughts, experiences, and of course - opinions.

For the last few months I have played back and forth with the idea of returning to work full time. I've applied at various places of employment but even though I serve complete idiots sometimes at the gas station, have decided that it's the absolute best place for me. I got the feeling fairly recently from a friend of mine, that's it's a pretty "low" job - and some customers certainly reinforce that impression - acting as if because I am behind the register of a gas station I'm the stupid one (when most of them cannot even figure out how to pump their own gas, how much their car takes, or even what kind of gas to use...) but you know what? Who cares. I don't need anyone - friend or not, to validate my job or what I do. When I was a top sales rep or successful manager at T-Mobile, I was beyond stressed out and I didn't have any power to help customers walk away happy. Sure, there are still unhappy customers. But how many other businesses can say they are so strongly contributing to the community and even cares about the customers who come out to support them?

On a related note - some customer/people etiquette tips. Sometimes, the person behind the counter does know what they are talking about. The gas at Huey's Mart is going to be just as good as Shell, Chevron, Exxon, or any of those other places charging .20-.40 cents a gallon more. But I guess I can be grateful that people hold this opinion and I don't then have to deal with (as many) gas snobs on top of gas idiots. :)

The 13th was my birthday - it went by pretty quietly - I spent it with my family and my close friend Barbie called me and chatted me for a LOOONNNNGGGG time even though she went through her own hell of a day (you can read a portion - just a PORTION of it here). I thank God for such an amazing friend. Her husband is currently on his second interview for a job here in Vegas - PLEASE pray that they get it. It would be such an amazing blessing to have my best friend in the same city as me.

(May 2007 - Ahhh too long ago!)

Speaking of Barbie -- the kids LOVE her, but Anya especially. She calls her, "Dr. Barbie" and calls her on the phone. A customer at the store had a Barbie Jeep so I snapped a picture. Look who came to visit Mommy's store? It's Dr. Barbie! Even doctors need gas for their cars! ;)

Maya is coming along pretty well. We've set an appointment for a highly recommended dog school which I'm really excited about. Steve and I will going to observe and see how their methods work on Maya. If it goes well, we'll begin planning to send her there. It's a chunk of money (ouch) but it's lifetime training. Owning a dog isn't an easy thing, or an accessory, it's a responsibility - like being a parent. A responsibility to society to teach one's dog how to behave in public so that other people or their or public property isn't destroyed or harmed. A personal responsibility so that our families, friends, and selves are not harmed or our things are not destroyed. And of course - a dog is a living, breathing animal and deserves to be taught what is expected of them so they can be happy, balanced, and accepted in their home. We've been doing the best we can with Maya - regularly exercising her, discipling her, challenging her, and of course loading her up with hugs and kisses afterwards - but she still lacks some working knowledge and basic obediance that we feel is important. People balk at spending so much money on a dog, on an animal, but for us it comes down to being responsible to ourselves and those around us and caring for God's creations as He has charged us ("take care of it" - Gen 2:15).

When Steve and I met, we were both pretty passionate about what we believed in and held opinions about, and at the time were doers - not just talkers. Last night, we met our first possible foster dog - Juno. Sadly, Juno was just going to be way too much for us to handle - even though he was such a doll and so pretty. Juno's story is really heartbreaking. He was rescued about a month ago (so hot hot outside). His owner tied him up outside his door all day and then beat him up (a little baby puppy less than three months old!) with his fists. Thankfully, there are rescue groups out there that are going out and taking these dogs out of these environments and keeping them safe. The coordinator already has two other dogs lined up to see how they do at our house with Maya. I'm hoping it works out and that we can make an impact at least one dog at a time. I'm really grateful to our friends who have been so supportive of us while we've been wrestling with this next step on whether or not to bring in a foster. It's really important to us to back up our words and passions with actions and to serve something outside ourselves.

Maya, she's becoming more and more bonded with the kids. Which of course is something I love seeing. We're working on the chewing - she's a little mouthy which is completely normal as she won't reach adulthood for another year or so. Maya always sits by the bathroom and watches the kids get their baths. But the other day, she decided that she was just done with watching and was getting in on the action.

Went to Lowes last night and priced our Spring Pole for Maya. Almost all set to build! Cannot wait to get started. When the coordinator was here to view our home (may I add that our house was completly wrecked since we miscommunicated on when we would meet up for this) her husband and her just oohed and ahhed over how healthy Maya looked and sweet and gentle she was. Big, proud grinning Mommy moment for me.

I think that's my drain for now. Have a great weekend everyone! :)

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