Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Mouthy....

That's me! :) I've come to accept that I'm the most opinionated, mouthiest woman and that it's a load of trouble for me. I'm either too quiet and allow things to fester and blow up at people OR I am mouthy at random people. Like tonight for example. Took Steve out to see The Dark Knight to show him how much I appreciate him for being a grand husband. During the movie (which is entirely inappropriate for any child IMO under the age of 10 and that's being liberal) an infant started crying. People in the movie started getting cranky and yelling at the parents to take the kids out, finally they did. This occurred not once, but twice. Socially, the parents have a responsibility to remove their child from the setting the moment the child becomes fussy. Of course, a parent really should not be bringing their child - infant or not to the movies in the first place - unless age appropriate of course. Please spare me any stories of how you personally might bring your infants to the movies and they sleep through it. And certainly there should not have been any children under the age of 10 (again being liberal) in that movie. For me, this was another no brainier like Resident Evil.

In public situations, I cannot control what other people around me do, only how I react. The baby cried - in a theater, during the movie. During a very LOUD movie. The baby was sitting in the row directly in front of me probably half a row down. I am with children ALL DAY. This was my little break away from children. And guess what? I choose to just block it out and enjoy the movie. They want to be rude? So what? I could either miss the movie and get up and go get the manager and report the disruption or zone more into the already loud movie with explosions and enjoy myself. I chose the latter, but became quickly annoyed at the group of people who kept getting louder than the BABY telling the parents to take "that damn kid outside". Yep, I ignored my own good advice and got royally ticked off at those people instead. I was fuming! And when we exited the movie I noticed one of the loudest hecklers to the parents had three small children themselves!! The Joker was totally, graphically sadistic in this movie. What the heck are parents thinking today?!

Yes, I am that "b$%!h" that is going to totally judge you when you bring a child to a totally inappropriate movie. Yep, I just think there are certain things that kids just should not see or hear. I went to the grocery store at 11 pm tonight and was just shocked to see little kiddos there. At 11 pm - I wanted to scream, "Don't you people know about bedtimes?!" And of course, it was young parents. Probably no older than 19.

And then it hit me - that while I've become more empathetic in some ways and a ton less snotty in areas where I deal with cashiers and such, I've become a total brat in others.

I am very judgmental in some areas. I HATE when people are rude to servers, cashiers, etc. I go out of my way to be polite to people behind registers and counters. Anyone that has to deal with customers, I try to be extra special nice to. I go out of my way to be nice to parents with small children. I know that that's tough - so I try to give them extra patience because I know I need extra patience. But as I soon as I see someone gabbing on their phone, or complaining about this or that, I just shut down. As soon as someone starts acting snobby I just close off. I just don't want to put up with it and if I'm not getting paid to grin and bear it, I'll be damned if I'll bear it off the clock OR keep my mouth shut about it. What I found most amusing about the people complaining about that poor parent (which YES I feel was irresponsible and selfish for not removing their child in the first place) was that some of these people were gabbing on their cells before that baby started crying and that when they all started yelling at the parents, they were LOUDER than the baby's fussing. Get a grip.

I guess for me, I see so much selfishness around me that I feel totally suffocated by it and lash out at it whenever I can. Which, I'll admit isn't the most healthy thing to do.

Jesus taught us that the mouth speaks from the overflow from the heart. I think there is some serious battle going on in from heart. I long to be honest with people - talk to them straight instead of sugar coating a lot of things that I do. BUT I don't like hurting people's feelings. I think I need a bit more balance in being honest and having more flavor in my honesty - more grace. Something I am very much lacking in. But my tongue has been quite the problem for awhile now.

Anyways, off to bed for awhile.

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