Monday, June 9, 2008

The Pamela Steaks and Hostessing...

We have such amazing friends. Our bestie friends, Norman and Pamela invited us over for an amazing night (totally puts to shame anything I can hope to do until the kids are either older or at grandma's for the night...) It so relaxing! Pamela is the most amazing hostess - I was totally blown away at how she pampered Steve and me and Norman. Her house is always looking nice and has this relaxing mood going on anyways, but she kicked it up a notch with some yummy but simple snacks, some soothing music, and the most second most amazing steak I have ever had. Second only to our last night on our honeymoon where we ate at this amazing restaurant. At this point, I don't even know how good the steak was, but rather the moments.

Look at this beautiful setup she created for us. She served us our drinks and kept everything coming. And she had the most brillant idea with some home-made toast. Wow! We are a total bread family so I was eating it up. What a cook. By time we left, I really had to fight to stay awake - I was so relaxed and ready for bed.

So, I'm trying my hand at this recipe. We're having the missionaries over tonight and possibly the Bishop, and I always fret when I have people over about what to cook. Especially servants of churches - because I'm sure they are always getting all kinds of food. And I want to be a great hostess but realize totally that I'm just not there. Anyways, I'll be cooking Pamela's steaks tonight - adding a salad, some steamed veggies, and chocolate dipped strawberries. We'll see how it goes over.

Today, I am in mega cleaning mode. I tend to compare myself to people when I shouldn't - but I really want to try to step up my hostess skills tonight. Even though Steve said, "Amanda, as long as it's not obviously messy or something, they're all men - they won't notice." :( But I will. So I'm cleaning up today and trying to find some quiet music to put on as well. Plus, I have my two pre-k munchkins to take care of and our new addittion Maya. Quite the handful. ;)

I recall listening to someone on the Food Network (and my MIL) talk about food preparation. So I've gone ahead and seasoned my steaks and am letting them sit in the fridge (covered of course). I've chopped all my herbs and mushrooms needed for this and grated all the cheese. All I think I need to do now is actually cook the stuff and of course, finish cleaning.

So, any readers out there - especially those with small children. How do you do it? How do you hostess when you have two little ones? And how do you do it, without being so completely frustrated by the end?

P.S. - Because I am a dork, I've posted pics from my preparation today. Enjoy!

See the foil on the bottom? That's the top of my covered steaks. :) Don't these strawberries look yummy? It is taking SO much willpower not to dig in. :P

That's all my chopped up stuff and my chocolate dipped strawberries on their pretty plate. :)

I am just obsessed with these strawberries....

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