Friday, June 6, 2008

Our New Addition!

A short break from my recent heavy blogs. Steve and I are avid dog lovers - we dog sit for free for anyone with a good dog because we've missed having our own dogs for so long. After almost four years dogless, we adopted a new addition into our family at the local no-kill rescue shelter. Our Maya, was actually rescued from the shelter in Henderson. Our beautiful girl is just amazing! What a pleasure she is. She is a Labrador Retriever Bully mix (Bully refers to the breed of Pit Bulls). This is totally ironic since for as long as I remember, I have been VERY against ever owning any dog with any bully mix what-so-ever. Yet, here she is. Our newest family member. We fell so hard in love with her. She is simply amazing. :)

I'm going to post some pictures of her - I've had a really hard time getting any decent pics of her since she is in explore mode right now, so check back later for more pictures. When we got her home today, one of the first things we did is give her a bath. I am so appreciative for the no-kill shelter here, but my heart broke today as I lathered and rinsed well over a dozen times. There was so much hair everywhere (because the staff probably didn't have any time to regularly groom her with all their residents there). Although, when we went to Pet Smart today, she picked out her own toy - a duck and she totally loves it. Enjoy the not so great pics of our beautiful girl Maya! :)

She's exploring the kids' playroom. Warning Maya - it's pretty messy right now. ;)

Look at her nice clean coat! Isn't she so shiny and beautiful. :) She's checking out Anya's kitchen - she's wondering, "Will that little girl cook me steaks here?"

Checking out the kids' toys some more. Trying to think of which one to attempt to steal.

Look at how beautiful she is. Even if she does want to play video games. ;)

I had to hold her collar to get a picture of her face.

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