Monday, June 9, 2008

On Fire

Cesar Millan says there are three essentials for dogs:

  • Exercise

  • Discipline

  • Praise, Love, Affection, etc

I'm sure he uses different words than I am right now. :) So, with Maya we have been trying to do these things. Ironically, Steve who really wants to step up as Alpha male in our family, is being dominated by Maya. I think it's rather funny actually. And she's (so far) leaning towards me. However, I think this greatly has do with, I am very physical with her.

Over the last three weeks or so, without even knowing it, I've become much more physical and active. So, I've been taking Maya for walks. Remembering the when a dog isn't challenged physically or at the very least exercised properly they can become trouble (as our toy dogs did), I've gone from walking to speed walking and by 5-10 minutes into our walks, jogging. I've gotta say - that hurts. Everything in my body burns, my lungs, my legs, and my arms (from controlling Maya during the walks). I come home and I'm so sweaty and yucky. But I feel great. I feel ready to start my day, and the time I have to both spend with Maya and God has been really relaxing for me. I love it, even if right now I cannot walk properly because I'm so sore.

Overall, I'm loving taking her on her walks but am becoming aware for the need of daily yoga now to calm and stretch those tense and sore muscles. And water. And common sense on my part. When I got home from work yesterday, I took her for a jog at 3 pm! Three pm is the HOTTEST time of the day here in Vegas. How stupid was I?

I feel more tone after these couple of weeks of walking, swimming, and now jogging. Although my appetites has greatly increased and so my knitting is also increasing to fight off the urge to eat more or snack more. Is this normal? Maybe Mr. Wayne will leave me a comment. :) Okay, off to get ready for church. Enough sitting.

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