Friday, June 20, 2008

Gas, Maya, and Swimming

I am so excited that it's finally the weekend! :) I worked the last three days at my parents' store (Huey's Mart) and just about every shift has had the local news crews out. I usually work 5:30 am - 2:15 pm and during my shift (the SLOW shift) we have two lines. One line is about two blocks long and the second line, is on average between 20-30 cars deep. The news crews have been running stories and video of our store. So I took some pictures and video of my own. Now, my parents are thinking of kicking up the customer service another notch - and I cannot wait to see how that comes out. Even though our relationship can be up and down - especially when working together - they really are inspiring.

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Today was an awesome day with Maya. When I got off work, we took her to my parents' house to come swimming with us. The last time I brought her swimming, she didn't really get into the pool unless I walked her in on her leash. So we didn't think she would really get in the pool this time. However, I was hoping that with the kids playing in the water, the fun would be contagious and she's jump in. And I was right. Once she realized how much fun the water was, she was in love with it and didn't want to come out. Steve and I could even see her standing at the top of the water slide, considering whether or not to come down. Maybe next time.

We're planning a trip up to Mt. Charleston tomorrow. I'm totally excited. Get some time away from everything and everyone and just spend some family time together tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it because it'll get us away from just being lazy tomorrow and since I'm so obsessed with fitness and activity right now - it's perfect. We're packing up the cooler with some water, lunch, and snacks and making a morning of it. I cannot wait!

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Greg said...

As a fitness fanatic myself I wish I were heading out to get some exercise in away from the rat race!
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