Friday, June 13, 2008

The Dog Whisperer & Jesus

Steve and I have loved the Dog Whisperer. I am currently listening to Cesar Millan's book, "Be the Pack Leader" during my daily walks/runs with Maya. During the intro, we see Cesar with his pack (approx 30-40 dogs when he wrote, Be the Pack Leader). What impresses me so much, is this huge pack is never in front of him. There's a scene where they are all jogging through the ocean and yet, again there is not a single dog in front of him, but rather either at his side or behind him. Wow! And you know these dogs would certainly be faster than him, yet they acknowledge who their "pack leader" is.

As I've watched his shows and listened to his book, I continue hearing the word, "energy". To be calm and assertive because our dogs can pick up on that energy. It's the one thing you can't fake it till you make it with dogs. You're either calm/assertive or you're not.

This brings me back to Heavenly Father and thinking back on The Purpose Driven Life. Where, basically the author Rick Warren basically gives us the same message, we can't fake it till we make it with God. We either are giving up control to Him or we're not. Last night's episode included a puppy dalmatian rescued by a group of 40 plus firemen. This 3 month old puppy had taken control of the firehouse because they lacked Cesar's three step methods to fulfillment.

  • Exercise
  • Discipline
  • Affection

I began thinking about how this applies to life - like child rearing or our own personal goals. And of course, our spiritual lives.

  • Exercise - Immersing ourselves in the scriptures, praying, fasting. Cesar teaches that after a dog has had exercise, she'll be more open to being dominated or accepting a pack leader. She's more open to discipline and correction.
  • Discipline - Living the Christian life. Overcoming the flesh - bring the flesh into submission of the spirit. By studying the scriptures, Heavenly Father can give us correction about the life we are living and our need for grace.
  • Affection - Feeling the Spirit's prescence, Heavenly Father's love for us.

When we have these three elements, we develop a testimony of Heavenly Father, of the atonement, etc etc. And from this testimony, we are able to weather the storms in life. As Christians we know that we walk in a "pack" with Jesus. He walks in front because He is the leader and we are content to follow Him. Who knew one could learn so many life lessons from dogs and their packs? More to come when I have more time. :)

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Anonymous said...

I really just wanted to say how much I loved this post. I love that show and I've never even thought to apply it to my own life!