Sunday, May 18, 2008

Still Alive

I'm still alive! :) I'm on antibiotics and cough syrup and tons of Raspberry sorbet - it's for the cough, yeah that's it....

Steve's now officially sick too - throwing up, high fever, night and day sweats - everything I had. We've gotten a ton of movies from Blockbuster, practically bought out Smith's Progressive Chicken Noodle soup section, and living on water and Gatorade. Yay! The good life. Our poor kiddos, they've had a fever but seem to be in better shape than us and are bored out of their little minds. If only we could do something with them where our paralyzing coughing wouldn't hinder us. ;)

We have discovered the awesomeness of the bathroom though. :) Plug up the bottoms of all the doors and then run the shower on it's hottest setting and just breathe steam. Ah - I spent the early hours of the morning doing that just so I could breath again.

Off for another nap!

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