Wednesday, May 14, 2008

RoLLer CoAsteR

The last few days have quite the roller coaster. Steve and I had a great weekend - the kids went out to the grandparent's house for Friday and Saturday which gave us some time to hang out with friends and for me to get pampered for Mother's Day. I'm not usually into pedicures and manicures anymore, but buckled and got one for Mother's Day (my rough feet was scratching Steve at night). I have to say, what an ultimate experience to get a pedicure AND knit at the same time. Yes I am dork, but wow - I totally loved it.

The above picture is a few days after my pedicure, but I think they still look sharp none the less. :) I wanted to try a dark color and be a little bold. I like it.

We went to go Ironman - I could totally go watch it a second time. It was so good! I cannot wait to go see Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian, hopefully this weekend.

On Sunday during service, I finally finished Anya's Ribbed Cake Icing Socks (knitting helps me focus on audios like sermons, podcasts, and even conversations). I submitted my patterns for the socks and a baby blanket I made for this contest where I could win free looms. My patterns are not up yet (voting doesn't start until May 15th) but please go over and vote for me! :)

On Monday the kids and I returned to the Springs Preserve - we were having a pretty good time and I was getting some awesome pictures of the kids.

And I got this awesome video of the Flood Demo that I love so much.

And then it happened - my blood pressure dropped. And I've spent the last two days in bed - sleeping most of the time. Thankfully Steve has a job that allows him to come home to help me out, because I don't know what I would have done if I had to be by myself that last two days. I finally buckled and went to the doctor telling her about the weekly throwing up, the drop in the blood pressure, and my new high fevers. She's run some blood work so perhaps we'll finally be able to find out what the deal is. In the six years I've been married, I've never been sick like this. Today is my first day awake so much but am still under orders to take it easy - easier said than done with two toddlers. :P

So far, I've been able to keep the kids busy with board games and playing dress up with Anya. She got a princess trunk for her birthday.

She loves her little outfits and wears them everyday. It was quite the struggle for her to not wear them to church on Sunday....

I've cast on for Paul's striped Supersocke - his socks are easier than Steve's because the gauge isn't so fine, so I don't have to focus like I do with the EFG. I thought the yarn would be thicker, but since it is so thin, the toe is taking more rows than I originally thought - I've already done 22 rows and still not ready to bring the toes onto the other side. Soon I hope.

I'm hoping this day goes smoothly - simple things like making the kids breakfast are making my fever rise - I'm living on Tylenol right now. :P

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