Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Bike

Tuesday was Anya's birthday. And her brother's birthday is next Thursday - they are just over a week apart. However, for the first time ever, we were going to try to give the kids one birthday present on their actual birthday and one at their joint party on Friday.

So we gave Anya her very first scooter (it's a pink wide based Radio Flyer). And her brother just flipped out. "Where's my birthday present?" We resolved to not give him his present (a bike) until the next week. All day, he whined and complained, all day he kept stealing his sister's scooter - all day it was like laughter, then screaming and crying - either Anya that her brother stole her scooter yet again or from him because he didn't have a present. It was horrible. So Steve comes home, sees what's going on and says, "C'mon, we'll go put your bike together."

Head, meet wall.

The bike was finished right in time for us to take Anya out to a birthday dinner - so of course more crying that he didn't get to ride his new bike. When we get home, we let him ride his bike for a little while before bed. He gets up on Wednesday and is all excited to ride his bike. I get his gear and helmet on him and we walk out to ride his bike and he flips out!

I was so annoyed. So I kept trying to gently encourage him on his bike, I stayed right next to him the whole time, didn't let him fall (he's got training wheels on anyways) and yet still he did nothing but whine, complain, and fuss. So finally, I took everyone back inside.

He has been asking for this bike for months, whined all the day before, finally gets it and does nothing but cry. Of course, how much are we - as adults - like this too?

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