Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"What are the differences between Mormons and Christians?"

I've been scanning the AskGP.com site and reading through the questions that are being left. There have been two Mormon questions - which of course always interest me. I think this series is going to be very interesting.

What I am very interested in is how - or if - these Mormon questions will be answered. This is an age old debate - from the home of R&P, to BID and everywhere in between (here's a good blog that was passed onto me). However, I have been told by people that are not LDS, that Mormons are indeed Christians.

But if Mormons are Christians, why on Earth would any Christian need to witness to them? And why on Earth would the AskGP series even need to talk about it? And of course for me, what on Earth am I doing at GP instead of my local ward? The more I read about post modernism and post modern churches - the more I want to retreat back to my Mormon roots.

There is one question about women submitting to men and not talking in church - I'll be especially interested in seeing how this one is answered.

Regardless of how disconnected I've been feeling from GP, I'll be sure to be attending the next series. I hope that all these people asking these questions will go and investigate for themselves as well. GP has an awesome pastor, but in the end people need to be responsible for their own knowledge. I wouldn't ask him about Catholicism - I'd ask a practicing Catholic and investigate things myself from there and go to a pastor if I was really at a place I couldn't understand what scripture meant.

Sidenote: I noticed someone asked if there would be any sort of sound doctrine classes - I'm so glad someone else asked this. Yay!


James said...

Was this leader from you GP small group, one of the other small groups outside of GP that you attend? Just curious, because I lead your GP group and don't believe Mormons are Christians and never have. Your blog implies your GP group leader, Me, "laid the hammer down" about this. I think you need to clarify, and soon.

Maggie said...

I'll try to recall your exact words, "Mormons are absolutly Christian. They believe in Jesus so they absolutly fall under the Christian umbrella." (And you even used my personal example.) Not sure if all those words are exact, but Mormons are Christian and fall under the Christian umbrella certainly were. It was the very last night I attended small group. Not a good night overall.