Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thank God for science!

You know, too many people of some sort of faith are against "science" as if it's God sworn enemy or something. :P But I've just gotta say - I am so thankful that God has revealed such wonderful knowledge to man - medicine. I've been sick (my worst kind of sick - throwing up) since Saturday. It's been horrible. Steve's had to miss work, I've had to miss some work (I'm pretty stubborn and went in the day after I was sent home), the house is a wreck - being sick sucks. I thought it'd never end. Then came along the most wonderful little pill that dissolved on my tongue (so I wouldn't heave it back up). And today is my very first day without that pill. I still feel sore (from throwing up - it's like someone kicked me in the ribs and lungs without mercy) and a bit wiped out - but overall, I am not afraid of food (well, not as much) or drinks anymore. Yay!

So thank you God for creating science and medicine! I am so glad not to be at the porcelain alter anymore! Yay! :)

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