Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's General Conference time!

It's that time again! It's General Conference time. It's hard to believe, that a year ago, Steve and I first checked out Grace Point and listened to the end of their Games of Life series. A year ago, God put into motion the reality that He was calling us out of the LDS church. I tuned into Conference these last two days and have been both thrilled and frustrated.

LDS leaders always have great practical advice for living a Christian life (they're always on top of works, missional living, and Christ like lives). Yet, all I heard was an apologetic talk - one after the other after the other. Even in the women's talks about parenting it was apologetic in nature,

Gordon B. Hinckley had a vision for the LDS church, and one popular teaching he had was, "retention, retention, retention" - so a call has been made for all LDS to commit to any inactive or former members (YAY!) that they know and to bring all that they can to the "Lord's gospel" this year. Our hometeachers must be physic because they made a visit the night before GC kicked off. Steve and I look forward to all the eager members to bring us lost souls back to the fold. ;) Any ex-Mormons, inactive LDS, or anyone with LDS friends and/or family members reading this - prepare now, you're now a target. :P We'll be ready to serve our LDS friends and pray that God reveals His Holy Spirit to them.

Speaking of this - Papau and I just had the roughest two days. Reminding me that Jesus would be leaving me behind (perhaps he is not aware that the LDS church teaches a post tribulation Rapture? In which before the Tribulation starts, all LDS are to gather in Jackson county so they do not endure the tribulations?) when He came and brought everyone to heaven while the rest of the world suffered... He told me I wouldn't be in heaven, he told me that I would never see them again in heaven... and on and on. So how did I respond? I invited him to Grace Point. Once he got over the shock, he wanted to go into a doctrinal debate. :/

All and all, it was a very interesting Conference. You can listen to all of the talks (or just select any that interest you here.) After a week or so, they'll have written manuscripts, video, and audio. Just keep checking. I was hoping for good parent advice from atleast one speaker - yet was told I should raise my children not to question their faith. Where have I heard that before?

"When our leaders speak, the thinking has been done"
(Improvement Era 1945, Editor's Introduction Questions To Legal Answers Daniel C. Peterson, FARMS Review of Books, vol. 4 (1992),, p.lxxvi, Robert Basil, Mary Beth Gehrman, and Tim Madigan, Eds., on the Barricades: Religion and Free Inquiry in Conflict (louis Midgley), FARMS Review of Books, vol. 4 (1992),, p.11,)

Ah yeah, that's why it seems so familiar. And people say the LDS church isn't a brainwashing cult..... ;)

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