Monday, April 14, 2008

A few quick thoughts....

How come, whenever I'm in a rush, uploading files online takes forever? :P While I'm waiting for it to finish, I just want to take a chance and really encourage everyone to check out GP's newest series, Lifeboat (we're in week 4 of 5 I believe). This last sermon was so convicting and finally pulled me into the series (it probably didn't help that I wasn't present the last two weeks).

I ended up going and apologizing to a leader I had been mad at for a little while.

I had a horrible nightmare last night. I dreamed that I mouthed off to an official ambassador from Burma and they had me convicted and sentenced to death, and then Steve did the same and received the same (of course it doesn't help that he is considered a terrorist in their country for his protest outside of their embassy in D.C.). I went through hoops trying to get help - no one would help me, not my Senators or Representatives, not my church family or pastor (although oddly the pastor's wife came to visit me to tell me she would make some calls but reminded me to trust God - weird), everyone turned from us, and at the end when we were faced with escape or stay, God told me to stay and that He was in control. I felt the needle go into my arm and I woke up. I was breathing hard, my arms were sore (I probably tensed up in my sleep), and my heart was pounding. It was horrible.

Almost finished Paul's socks - they were looking great! Then I tried them on him to see how much more I needed to knit and they didn't fit. Too small. Ah! Took them off and starting over. :P

Got an extra car this week - so heading out soon to take the kids out.

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