Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dinner Monday night

I am a pretty stubborn person, so regardless of the fact that I was sick on Monday, we went ahead with our dinner plans with the missionaries. It went fantastic. The dreaded question, "So why did you leave the church?" never came up. Whew.

My spaghetti came out badly though and certainly didn't taste any better later when I was sick. :P We're hoping they return as we had a great time. We painted little plant potters.

(Anya painted inside her potter and I didn't make one because I was doing other stuff.)

These guys were a ton of fun to hang out with - they've only got two and a half months left on their mission. Wow, almost done. We talked about movies, music, everything. The missionaries are always great guys to have around. Here's hoping they call us again soon.

It was kind of odd though - they kept doing a few things. One of the Elders seemed to keep baiting us - like perhaps we weren't well versed enough in the church to know what he was doing. It happened during our "Highlights" part of FHE - when he shared that their mission president had given a lesson on prayer and then proceeded to teach us about prayer. :) He was leaving things wide open, waiting for questions - but we knew this stuff already, so we just nodded, smiled, and said, "Those are really good thoughts, thanks for sharing." They also kept talking with us like they didn't remember that we are ex-Mormons (I was pretty plain about it when they first visited, "We just got our confirmation letter that our names have been removed from the records"). And finally, they kept talking to us like we were investigators, "Are you aware of what missionaries do? Are you aware of what a Mission President is?" Um, yeah.

I thought I'd find it frustrating, but instead I found it rather refreshing. They didn't try to bog us down with questions, "Why why why" or try to correct us - they just chatted, listened, observed, and were great guests.

I guess Steve might start jogging with them. I know he'd really enjoy that, and he really loved teaching the lesson and shared that he really felt the Spirit while teaching. It was really awesome. FHE totally rocks. :)

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