Wednesday, April 2, 2008


As I've felt more and more convicted to be the "best home maker" that I can be and a submitted wife, I keep returning to two things - "Mothers Who Know" - an awesome talk by Julie Beck and Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook, in which she has a weekly schedule as well as a detailed spring and fall cleaning (like scrubbing one's driveway - which come to really think of it is not a bad idea). My days have been flying by - doing devotionals and school lessons with the kids in the mornings, cleaning, and then playing and then it's time for dinner and Steve's home. Whoa.

But what totally escapes me is men. What is their issue with cleaning? Or keeping a place clean? I moved our laundry hamper from the closet, to the end of the bed and yet the clothes still end up elsewhere. I've been scrubbing, buffing, mopping, sweeping, wiping everything on my list and I go to bed early (8 pm as opposed to 9 pm) last night and wake up to a totally dirty house. What the heck?! I totally appreciate that I got to go to bed early and get some much needed sleep, but what about picking up? Vacuuming? Doing some dishes? And yet, I hold my tongue because my husband goes to work and my work is to be the home maker, keeper of our home, and the one to train up our children. Really, any men out there reading this, what is the aversion to a sponge, some Windex, a vacumm? I was reading about someone whose wife is going away for two weeks and his house isn't going to be clean for those two weeks - really is it a male gene that prevents cleaning? When Steve was a bachelor living with 3 other guys in a tiny apartment he cleaned that apartment fairly regularly. He gets a wife, and suddenly his ability to wash a dish, vacumm a rug, or mop a floor has vanished.

Rather let me correct myself - he cleaned that apartment his way fairly regularly. When guys do clean (yep I'm generalizing please feel free to correct me guy readers) it's always their way - not the way their wife wants. Example - I scrub down all the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, I want to take care of my dishwasher so as not to have to replace it anytime soon, and I want the dishes to be as clean as possible. Yet Steve just scraps off the food and sticks them right in .....

I'm not complaining - don't get me wrong, I totally accept that as his help meet this is
my job, but I am just really baffled.


Anonymous said...

But being unhappily subservient gets you closer to God, right? So isn't your husband actually doing you a favor?

Maggie said...

I guess that would be one way of looking at it. I prefer to see it as a chance to understand men - specifically my man - better and to learn patience. I believe that when I ask God for more patience, He will send me people (or situations) that will try my patience. I usually fail the whole patience thing, but one day I'll catch on and become a patient woman. ;)