Monday, April 14, 2008

So Grace Point has this website up through Wordpress where people can come and leave questions about the Bible, God, Christian living, etc etc. I was skimming through some of the questions which are really thought provoking and interesting and could not help but wince when I saw a Creation and Evolution question on the site. Egh, we have our own personal experience with this tender, sensitive question in Christian circles, even GP specifically. At one point, Steve didn't even want to come back to GP due to some, er differences in opinions and preferences between himself and someone else.

If a Christian was decided by cultural living and preferences - Steve and I would totally be damned, but probably me more than him. I seperate out my political thinking from my Christian beliefs - so while I personally am convicted in a lot of the same ways as my brothers and sisters in the faith, I also usually am standing in a vastly different area than they are on social issues. Steve surprisingly has taken a turn and is now pro-life not pro-choice anymore. However, I am still the evil evil pro-choice woman. I honestly don't think it's my right to tell someone what to do with their body, yes that sacrifices babies' lives as I do personally believe life starts at conception, but honestly I don't think forcing my personal convictions on someone is going to bring them any closer to Jesus. I loved that one poster in our Religion group was sharing that she wanted to fast from sex with her husband during Lent, but being that he is an atheist she didn't want him thinking, "What now God won't let you have sex with me either?! What kind of God is this?!" And I totally see her point, as did Steve in between laughs.

Perhaps it's my personal history, but I just cannot stand with movements like Christian Rights. I never saw Jesus setting out to forcefully change the world - in fact, I recall Jesus separating the two - give to Caesar what is his, and to God what is His.

That doesn't mean that the things I disagree on are things that I personally believe in. I hate abortions - having had two myself, I think they are the most horrible things ever and that's not even bringing into play my personal religious beliefs. I do believe homosexual acts are a sin, but I don't think they are an "abomination" - or that they are any worse or better than a mother who ignores her children, a husband who sins in anger, a man who passes another in need - or anything else the 613 commandments specifically spell out. If you break ONE letter of the law - you've broken the whole thing.

And as I've mentioned before - I believe in Creationism and Evolution and no, that does not send me to hell. I have a personal intense annoyance towards "hell fire" people, "If you don't do this you'll go to hell." Nope - I only go to hell if I don't accept Christ as my Savior. That's about it.

I'm not going to get annoyed with anyone because of what they believe, I am going to become annoyed with people if they try to tell me because I'm wrong I'm going to hell or if they try to force their views upon me (hello Lord's Boot Camp :P ). Or if they try to claim authority over me that they just don't have.

I look forward to this series - it'll for sure be interesting. Over at Rav I've shared the link so the ever questioning Rav posters can hopefully post their questions as well. For me, I've just gotta take things on faith and stop trying to have the answers to everything.

Oh and if you live in Vegas - our gas station's Regular Unleaded price is $3.25 a gallon. Get it while it's low. Or if you have a Flex Fuel car and can take E-85 it's $3.10 a gallon. Thought I'd share. But prepared for a wait. :)

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