Sunday, March 16, 2008


Why are non-essentials so important to people? I'm speaking on non-essentials beliefs. Will there be pizza in heaven? Outback? Marriage? Sex? Families? If a Christ follower believes there will be over another who doesn't believe there will be, does it really matter? Is it really a stumbling block? ONLY if you allow it to be.

Personally, I've got my own convictions - not popular ones apparently, but I don't really base my opinions on popularity these days. :P I absolutely believe in the Biblical principal of families in heaven.

Matthew 22:30." (See also Luke 20:35, Mark 12:25) - Even if you never look at the Greek it's pretty clear that people will not be given in marriage.

"nor are given in marriage,"

And even the Greek, "gameo", states that this verb means, "to lead in marriage, take to wife, to give one's self in marriage; to give a daughter in marriage". IE - no need to buy bridal gifts. :) Now of course I know people will disagree with me - and that's fine. Everyone has their own idea of what heaven will be like, however, I don't really see that as a fault of others.

One of the biggest problems I ever saw when I was a Mormon looking in on Christians was the absolute control factor. Don't agree? It's not just being able to agree to disagree, but one is heretical, blasphemy, wrong, or just plain selfish. Will heaven have marriage, sex, pizza? Who knows? Will it affect salvation? No way.

Since Adam and Eve were married and having sex before the Fall, I take the marriage covenant as an eternal Biblical principal. You don't? That's fine, but I'm not stumbling over it in my faith and if you're going to - then that's your issue, not mine. The only time we stumble in our faith is when we choose to - not when someone has a different take on what heaven looks like.

Wisdom really is controlling one's tongue - no matter who you are. And listening is always a virtue, sometimes overlooked even by those you feel closest to.

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