Monday, March 3, 2008

Movies, knitting, and small groups

It's Monday. Mondays can be great - and last week I decided to start taking Mondays off - but just couldn't do it this Monday. Although, I've gotten a pretty slow start to cleaning and laundry. ;)

It's been a pretty good weekend - I think we all had a good time. We saw "30 Days of Night" with some friends from our Sunday night small group. Well perhaps I should correct myself - Steve saw the movie, I listened from behind a pillow. :P I really enjoy watching movies from people with our small group because then I'm not the weirdo in the group for some of the thoughts, concerns, etc I have - we usually all have the same ones which is nice. Besides this movie being graphic beyond need, there was something I find pretty disturbing which seems to mirror our society as a whole. In the beginning of the movie, there were several sled dogs slaughtered - yet they didn't show it - they merely left it to your imagination, there were barking dogs, a knife, a tightened chain, blood, then no more barking. Yet, when they had to behead a little girl (read: a child) vampire, they were pretty graphic. What's up with that? Are we really bending to the rights of animals over the rights of children? We know that in a movie like this animals aren't harmed or killed (hello CGI), we also know that people are not really harmed either. So why show the graphic deaths of say children on screen but not animals?

I'm not saying that I'm a heartless person when it comes to animals - I don't want any animals getting run over, if I saw someone beating an animal I'd probably stop and yell at them, I'd never hurt an animal (unless of course you count steak.. ;) ) but they are A-N-I-M-A-L-S - God gave us dominion over them. So sure, I'll knit with their fur, I'll eat them, I'll ride them (hello horses!), I'll drink their milk, so on and so forth. I don't believe God made them our equals, I do believe God gave us stewardship over them - to care and keep them, to provide for them, and so forth. But our society is pretty backwards so...

I've been listening to the Bible Experience - I doubt I'll make my 90 day goal now, but I'm still trucking on - who cares if it's 90 days or 6 months as long as I get through it cover to cover? As I trudge on through Leviticus I have a new found appreciation for my Savior. Wow - He freed me from more than just what I've realized - I knew the Jewish law had 613 commands but MAN it's harsh listening to them. I've sat and wondered if Jesus was considered unclean by just humans (ie the religious people of the day since there were more than just the infamous Pharisees) or if God ever considered Jesus unclean and how that really affected Him and so on and so forth. I've also noticed that a lot of the laws that God is handing down are ones that prominent figures in the OT have already broken - Steve says that since they weren't aware that say Rubuen sleeping with one of Jacob's concubines would make him unclean, that it wasn't held against him. I find this interesting and worth pondering about. I will be SO glad to be through Leviticus. While it defiantly makes some things clear, it's just really boring to listen to overall and I'm having a hard time - even with knitting - focusing on it.

Our Sunday night small group has exploded and they've even talked a little about splitting the group with Steve and I - not sure how I feel about that since first we're not members of their church (but hello we're all members of the body) and second, we just don't have the room to handle a group which is why we didn't sign up to be small group leaders for GP. We enjoy hosting the group during times when the leaders can't, but to do it regularly just seems a little much for us. Right now, we are starting a study on, "becoming authentic followers of Christ" - did they run over to GP's website and copy? ;) The first lesson - spiritual maturity and how to "measure it". LOVED it. This past Sunday the group was more of the original or long attending members instead of all the newbies - which was so nice. Our little small group family is really the first spiritual family Steve and I have ever had and it's nice when it's just us.

My "mom" has come and gone. Thank God. I tried to be a more forgiving person and better daughter by letting her spend (supervised) time with her grandchildren - but she rose to my expectations, spending just a little time with them, then taking a nap or totally ignoring everyone.

On Sunday Devin discussed the exclusive way to heaven - Jesus. It was a great and refreshing message. It was also nice to hear such a great message without feeling convicted - since I feel like God's been using GP messages to heavily convict me for months now, it's such a nice change of pace to just enjoy the message and not feel like God is whacking me on the head for 45 minutes or so. Nice. I will try to blog on the actual message because it's not a popular idea, but it's true - Jesus IS the only way to heaven and there are no second chances to get it right or accept Him as Lord and Savior.

Finally, I thought I'd share a few knitting projects with you all. I'm currently knitting two projects at once - not a preferance, just the way it worked out. I'm making Nikki some raspberry color leg warmers on my blue loom - however, I am also working on a baby shower gift and need the blue loom. I've finished the first part of this gift - a baby blanket (I swear it's in the nursery colors!) and now just need to make the matching hat.

I cannot believe I've knitted my first blanket! It's totally got me excited to make Steve some comfy house socks (our downstairs tile is ALWAYS freezing!) and a nice comfy super large afghan.

Here is Anya wearing "Esua's hairy arms" that I made for GP Kidz. That was fun, but a bit stressful.

Here is Steve lounging around in our freezing downstairs popping stove popcorn (ROCKS) in the green hat I made for him. His hat was the third project I tackled. I ended up making three of them and they each got better.

Here's Anya in her pink hat. This was my first project ever - thanks Kelly for the yarn! - she's quite the cutie in her hat. Even cuter now with her short little bob.

This hat was supposed to be for Paul, but his melon was too big and the yarn was not stretchy at all. So I packed it up in a basket with some cookies and other goodies and gave it to the new mommy down the street.

My ugly yarn that I love so much. Haven't made anything with this yet, but I'm going to make a shawl for me (yay something for me now on the project list!) with this super fun yarn. Who needs a day at the spa when I can just purchase yarn from the most awesome seller ever? Buying this amazing yarn was quite the luxury experience - that just might equal knitting with it. :)

Not pictured: the Alpacha hat for my MIL, the pink hat for Savannah (the family I sit for just had their newest addition), and of course Nikki's leg warmers. I've also totally given up 100% cotton - perhaps I'll try cotton blends in the future. I'm totally frustrated with the leg warmers (simply because of the knit two, purl two... grrr!) but I know they'll look super cute once finished.

That's it for now.

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