Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jumbled Thoughts

I've been wanting to blog a lot lately - but between knitting, reading, and just working - at home and at work, I've just been way too busy. I swear, I need a break!

So a few really random notes:

1. An update: After several suggestions, I went ahead and emailed our pastor to request permission to try to start some women "groups" outside of Grace Point. Steve laughed so hard at me for this because he was like, "You do realize that this church is not controlling like that right?" I felt foolish enough thinking I would have stepped on anyone's toes - but I guess it was a lesson worth learning. :) We'll see how it goes - so for any women in my area that read my blog, if you want to start a game night, ladies night, learn or teach a skill - etc, PLEASE let me know. Honestly, I'd love it if I could get my friends from other churches to join in. :) I'm hoping I can convince my bestie friend to teach cake (or cupcake) decorating since she totally rocks!

2. While thinking about this, I was listening to Numbers I believe where God wiped out the complainers who wanted meat and were not satisfied with mana. It made me realize, that God provides and I need to be satisifed with that. Lest I get burnt outside the city. :P

3. I also have re-connected with some of my former ward friends - which is awesome because I've totally missed them. One of them is moving to a different state in May so I am eager to spend time with her and her family again. They totally are awesome people who make the best pies and have the greatest games. Of course, the same day that I emailed her asking if I could come to her cooking class - she and another friend dropped by with the ward cookbook. I felt so touched by this small gesture of kindness and welcome. And to ease anyone reading out there - I have made it VERY clear that I have no interest in being a LDS again or believe that the church is true.

4. I had the most uncomfortable time this week. But I really believe God is refining me through it.

5. Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE LOST? Ah! It's so good!

6. I heard the most amazing, touching story today on Focus on the Family. It's moments like these that I enjoy listening to James Dobson. I really suggest that you listen to it. I was shocked to learn, that this sermon was delivered in 1984! Grab some tissue and be prepared to cry, laugh, and be so incredibly touched. Listen to, "A Man called Norman".

7. And finally - submission. It's been on my mind lately, especially while listening to various sermons from Integrated church movement (I have not heard them mention the WORD submission because sadly, today it's like a foul swear word :P ). My other best friend sent me, "Created to be His Help Meet" written by Debbie Pearl. Add to it, that on BID we are discussing what a CHRISTIAN, Biblically based submitted marriage looks like. I'll be the first to say - it's not easy, it's not always comfortable, but when God refines us, it's not always comfortable. More on this topic later.

8. Chipotle ROCKS. If you haven't tried it, then you MUST.

That's all my jumbled thoughts for now. :)

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