Sunday, March 9, 2008

CA Homeschool Law

Eh, this whole topic has been a buzz in so many Christian circles and I have to say - a lot of the comments that I am hearing from vocal Christians like James Dobson are just out and out frustrating. It's not secret that I dislike Dobson, but listening to his Focus on the Family broadcast as DH and I drove out to the in-laws on Friday was beyond painful.

I think the writers of the law do have good points, BUT as a someone who strongly believes in parental rights am strongly opposed to the whole idea of requiring teaching credentials to home school. And again, the Dobson cult has made this all about Christians and not all about other reasons people perhaps home school - from gang issues, drugs, sex, and get this - food allergies. Schools and parents are not always kind to those with food allergies. Some kids are just not safe in a public school regardless if they are Christians or not.

Yet, melodramatic, over-reacting Christians have of course made this all about persecuation when you know, there are Chinese or Sudan Christians who are being killed, tortured, mutalated, families in danger persecuted. But let's worry and focus on homeschooling being all about Christian persecution. Dobson can put another notch in his belt for making a fool of Christianity and real persecation. Props.

-- You can go to the petition against this here.---

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