Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thinking on things...

Almost finished with DS's new hat. Cannot wait to see how he likes it. :) Found some delicious aqua yarn by Homespun and an amazing pattern for a scarf with a hood! It looks daunting, but I cannot wait to tackle it!

Took the kids out for errands today and rewarded their super duper good behavior with a trip to the double arches. There's this one particular that they love and I like it too because the layout is just awesome. I got to plug into some worship music, knit and watch them have a blast. Which was awesome since the weather went from fantastic to horrible overnight. Yesterday morning was a bit breezy when the kids and went to the park - by time we were heading to small group last night, the winds were very scary - even uprooting a tree a few houses down from small group. Ewk! Today, not as bad - but chilly with a bite. So indoor play was a must.

I've been changing my "eating lifestyle" (totally sidestepping the "d" word..) little by little. I've replaced most of my meat meals with chicken, turkey, or fish. Yay! Found some really yummy fish that DH and I are totally loving and now with the discovery of Steam Fresh veggies, meals are becoming easier each time around. I've also cut all soda from my diet for almost 4 days now I believe - still haven't shaken the daily cherry flavored Amps, but I'll get there. Wayne said that the protein would become my energy - I'm just nursing myself along until that kicks in. :P

Learned last night that I know now three families (I think, I might have misunderstood one couple) are being visited by LDS missionaries or pressured to visit a LDS service. Can I chuckle? Can I laugh? It seems when I'm trying to totally disconnect and untangle myself from the LDS church, it comes right back to me. At first, I thought perhaps God was using my experience to help others - but now, I'm doubting that. I mean three families?! When I told Steve last night, he joked that our Bishop was targeting specifically GP families since it's where we went. :P (Again, he was joking.)

One person's husband is deployed and her LDS friend divulged all her personal information to the missionaries (a common practice - we've done it, it's encouraged) to the Elders to come visit her. They've made two visits, dropped a Book of Mormon, and told her that the LDS church isn't really different from what she believes now. :::rolls eyes::: I didn't want to call the Elders liars, so I just told her from their POV of course it isn't that different, but really it is. The missionaries have an appointment to come visit her again on Saturday and I just hope she's strong enough for them. Another person has a son who has a friend who is LDS and getting the pressure to come to a LDS meeting....

While we were talking through some of these things at small group last night, someone joked about how if they know the missionaries are knocking, the don't answer the door.

So I want to take a minute and perhaps drop some helpful tips on dealing with LDS missionaries and/or friends:

1. Know your Bible. If you know you're Bible, then they can't slip anything past you. In the time I've dedicated to just the Bible since leaving, my eyes are wide open wondering if I had just read my Bible cover to cover before ever becoming LDS, if I still would have joined.

2. Know the lanuage: A LDS will tell you - a Christian, that you are saved, but they are not talking about eternal life with God, they just mean you won't go to hell - which for the zillioneth time on this blog, they don't even believe in to begin with. Seems fruitless to me to believe you're being saved from something that doesn't exist, but I digress. The other part of being "saved" in LDS terms, is that you have a physical resurrection - so you are physically saved, but no one outside the LDS church is spiritually saved (the big one). So know you're terms - if you don't know them, ask them to be specific as possible. Ask questions.

3. Serve them: A shocker right? Remember, the first thing DH and I noticed was the Holy Spirit in non-Mormons. What the heck?! They aren't supposed to have that. Be fruitful and show them the Spirit resides outside the LDS church.

4. Say no - Practice it in the mirror, it's not mean, it's what you need to say to them.

- "Do you know anyone we can talk to?" NO
- "Can we leave a Book of Mormon with you?" NO
- "Can we come back again?" NO

Hey, if you want them to come back, the obviously the answer wouldn't be "no" - but if you do have them come back, have a FRIEND with you. Someone who can keep you accountable. They are very nice and will lure you in. And plus, their activities are fun - darn it, I'd probably go if they'd invite me. :P

5. Finally, if you don't want them to come back - each missionary set has a "Do Not Contact Binder". They keep notes on anyone they've visited more than once and on anyone that makes it into this binder. Tell them you know about it, and request that you are added to it. If they come back again, ask for the Mission Leader and Stake President's contact information, get it, and complain. I can't say for certain that either leader would care that you were bothered by the Lord's messengers, but since in a religious sense, LDS are so liberal (think it through) you might find someone sympathetic to your case.

It's way too easy to become entangled within the LDS community - so be careful. When in doubt, call your pastor. ;) YES LDS will make fun of you for doing it and will tell you that bringing your religious leader into the picture brings no good, but do it anyway. If you're pastor won't come, then there's always the, "not answering the door" tactic. Although I can say from personal experience - some missionaries are very persistent and will visit you every single day until you finally open up. And it's hard to be mad when the first thing they say, is offer service.

Ah, if only as Christians we could follow the model and example that the LDS church sets in service, missions, and community. :/

With my new found love of knitting (even if some don't consider it actual knitting :P ) I've spent more time on a knitting board - especially in their BID forum. I have always considered myself a liberal - albeit not as vocal as I used to be and certainly not as knowledgeable. To me, being a liberal has always first and foremost been about choice. The same with feminism - to have the freedom of choice. And while, on a personal level I've been becoming more and more conservative - especially after having children and an experience with God, I still hold true to most my I guess, macro socially liberal ideals and opinions. Yet, spending more time on BID - I'm noticing that the posters who are liberal don't really line up with what I've always understood liberalism to be about - choice. I choose to be a Christian, I choose to stay home with my children, I choose to believe what I believe and last I understood, that's not a crime. I've bookmarked a few sites - from Feminist for Life, a wiki article on liberalism, and a few others - a little less random, I'm going to read up on the two movements some more. Somehow, I don't really think the over bearing, extreme left wing, "easily outraged" posters are doing either of the movements justice.

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