Monday, February 25, 2008

Taking the "day" off....

The experience of this weekend has been great. I went to bed both Friday and Saturday night by I think 7 pm. Ahhhh the much needed sleep. :) With my allergies and migraines to boot, I've been keeping myself pretty well medicated - tons of allergy meds and pain killers. Cannot wait for the allergies to calm down so the migraines will stop.

I've decided to start taking Monday's days off. I work Saturday mornings, usually am wiped out Saturday afternoons, still have to do grocery shopping and prepare for Sunday. Then get up and serve from morning until early afternoon. And yet, it's nothing compared to actual staff members and their families on Sundays - I realized this as I woke up from a late nap on Sunday and looked at the clock. I began thinking about the new night venue, Five20 and how they have to setup, actually teach and mingle, and then tear down. As I thought about how long they all must go each Sunday, I had to lay back down. Man, having a portable church must be harsh sometimes.

Anyways, my weekend schedule - while in no way compares to others - is exhausting for me. So I've decided on Mondays days I'll just relax. Who cares if the house looks like a tornado from Kansas if someone were to by chance drop by? Whenever I bust my hinny and clean the place till it sparkles, one of the kids spills their juice over my freshly mopped floor, or Steve decides to "cook" or something along those lines. Since I have to work on Monday nights, Monday days are strictly for playing with kids, reading books, knitting, going to the park, and even mid-day naps.

Oh and Mikey's Subs ROCK and Steve and I got FREE Krispy Kreme donuts on Saturday night.

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