Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Every knitter that I know that knits socks - is addicted to knitting socks. I hate plain socks - they bore me to death. :P And since I'd be making the socks - I can make them as unboring as I want. Yippie! So finally, after much agonizing over whether or not to order a sock loom, which one to order, etc and so on - I finally ordered one today.

As I was checking out I saw the little disclaimer, "Orders can take up to five weeks to ship out." Ahhhhh! Five weeks! Of course this company is the only company I've seen with sock looms, so it's not like I can go elsewhere. I am so looking forward to knitting up some socks.

I am still drooling over a prayer shawl loom - but I'm going to put my long looms to use and see if I can make one on them. Some women from GP might start gathering at my home Sundays after church - totally excited.

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