Monday, February 4, 2008

Revolutionary Love

Manna Church is feeling like a home away from home now a days. Their sermons never fail to reach and touch and inspire me in some way. I am so thankful for their podcasts and staff.

This year, they've been doing a series called, "Revolutionary Love" and it is amazing. It is probably the best idea I've seen a church implement ever (and Grace Point has a lot of great ideas going and the LDS church is always super organized - but this is the best yet). I highly recommend tuning into this four part series through iTunes (put in, "Manna Church" or "Michael Fletcher" into the iTunes store search) or go to their site, and listen to the sermons there, email the church and request your own cards (I did) and start a revolution!

It's not just about service, but being anonymous so that the person can experience a form of grace in their lives as we, Christians, have experienced grace from Christ. Manna has set up a blog for people who are sharing RL (Revolutionary Love) or are experiencing it from others can stop and blog about their experiences. I've been following the stories and they are just amazing. God is not only transforming their local communities, but He's also transforming His people. It's amazing. You can read their experiences here.

Take this, share it with your leaders, get this amazing idea going nation wide. The love of Christ is a revolution! Allow it to become a revolution in the life of another. :)

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