Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rest in You

There are days, like yesterday and today when I just feel like God has come down and wrapped a super soft and snuggly blanket around me and is just squeezing tightly. Sarah McLachlan's song, "Angel" comes to mind to perfectly capture the overall mood and feeling (yes, I am a music geek and have an ever ongoing soundtrack to my life...) :P

This has been my view the last few days - in the shade playing with the kids. It's been awesome. Before we left today, I opened up the house so it wouldn't be too stuffy or warm when we returned. We had a fantastic time again - some more snacks and knitting of course. :)

When we got home and I opened the door, the whole house smelled like spring. I loved the smell - my mind flooded with afternoons with Jess and Andy at their condo, Andy and the kids playing, Jess and I talking and hanging out. I sure do miss them - especially since now Andy is a big brother and we've got a brand new nephew Noah that we haven't met yet.

God is so wonderful. He created us so amazingly. We smell something (or at least I do) and a memory is associated with it, a comfort, a feeling, love. I hear music and a new memory forms and stays with that song. The weather is perfect, the kids have been having a blast, and I just feel so nestled, rested, and at peace with God right now. He is really amazing.

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