Monday, February 18, 2008

Rantings from the register....

1. If there is one cashier, then there is ONE line - single file, one behind the other. NOT one customer on top of another. We've all be doing this at the very least since kindergarten - it's not rocket science people.

2. If the person before you had to swipe their credit/debit card, and go through this whole thing of choosing their gas, then chances are, you will too.

3. If the person before you had to put their $100 or $50 bill into the slot machines in order to pay - then should you have a $100 or $50, you will too.

4. Waiving your money in front of my face like a fan is never cute, funny, or hip.

5. My name is not "sweetheart", "baby", "babe", "honey" - etc. If you want to call me something manners are always in - call me by my name or simply say, ma'm.

6. Dropping your money on the counter and running out is not cute or good manners.

7. Dropping your money on the counter and not even knowing how much there is, "Whatever this is on that pump over there," is not cute or good manners.

8. Each gas pump has an offensively LARGE number painted on it, it will not kill you to take a moment and look at it for reference.

9. I am not a mind reader - SPEAK!

10. If you walk up to my counter while yacking on the cell phone one more time, I will of course stifle the urge to shove it down your throat and instead simply skip you in line. Get off the phone or get out of line. If you can't do it, I'll do it for you.

11. Pumping gas is NOT that hard. There are three buttons for each grade (ie type) of gas, these buttons are as big as your face - push one of them, put pump in car, and squeeze. Where does the advanced caculus come in that so many people are obviously stumbling over?

12. Rude people suck.

13. I am not the reason you had a bad day - so stop treating me like I am.

14. You are not a special, important, or unique snowflake to me - you are another person in line and I am not going to let you cut 20 people because you can't figure that out.

15. You're not funny.

16. Please listen to directions.

17. If there are five huge signs all over the doors, windows, and even the counter that ALL say, "We do NOT have a public restroom," then guess what that means? We do not have a public restroom and no amount of two year old kicking and screaming and tantrums will change that fact.

18. You all make me want to be a Republican. Egh.... I should shower now.

19. Do not touch me.

20. My mother is in town - I'd rather spend time here.

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