Monday, February 11, 2008

The Perfect Day...

Well so far - I still have not been to work yet or seen my schedule for this week. :P

But today has been the most amazing day! :) I have taken up knitting - which I'll have to devote one entire blog alone to - and have found it so amazingly relaxing. The weather is just perfect right now in Vegas. Here's hoping I can cut off the heat and ac until atleast May. That would be so nice. It even felt nice enough to wear shorts and maybe fill the pool for a swim .... but haven't gone that far yet. ;)

So I packed up a tote with my newest knitting project for DH and DS, some snacks, a bottle of water, mp3 player and headed out with the kids. We walked to our current favorite park - I sat in the shade while they ran through sprinklers and chased one another on the slides. I got a lot of progress done in my knitting, had one earbud in, and enjoyed the sound of my kids playing and the perfect weather. We had an awesome time.

Before heading out, I tried on DS's finished red hat that I knitted for him - I should have remembered that he has a melon of a head. It didn't fit. :( But that's okay! I still had one last Revolutionary Love card left, so I baked up some cookies, found a cute snowman plate and a pretty basket and put the card inside the hat, wrapped everything together and dropped it at the doorstep of my former Visiting Teacher. I rang the doorbell and RAN! I don't think she saw me but I hope she enjoys the hat for her slightly younger and smaller toddler.

Also, I received an email from our Bishop - no updates yet, but I believe the 30 days is almost over! I thought, as corny as it is - I'd include a theme song for this particular blog. I hope all your days are going as well as mine! :)

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Belen said...

Yay for perfect days! Your weather is depressing me though, I'm dealing with -20 and three feet of snow! Glad you are enjoying yours, though :)