Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Kids and knitting -- rocking my socks...

Kids rock. :) We've been to the park everyday this week and yesterday, I noticed Paul, er, watering a tree. I informed him in the future, to go before we head out to the park (we walk maybe two blocks to the park if that) or tell me and we can run home. Today, I caught him watering the tree again and repeated myself. Later, as I was putting out our picnic lunch, I notice him sitting by the tree, totally shortless. I asked him what he was doing, "Poo-poo Mama!"

Totally rockin'. I got him home before he had to go poo so no little mess in the park (although they did have those doggie bags I guess I could have used, but no TP or wipes..) but I just thought this was a total blast. Right up there with stripping down naked at Ty and Angie's on the trampoline during lunch. Totally great. Moments like these make so grateful to be a mom and living life with my kids.

In other news, I have finished now three projects! Steve loves his new green hat. I have two projects in progress now - one green hat for Paul (correct size this time) and a extra large black fuzzy hat for me to cover during worship, prayer, etc when Steve might not be comfortable with me covering.

I totally want to try some sock knitting - found one pattern today and it looks totally daunting. Perhaps I should try "actual knitting" (:P Barbie) with the socks. ;) Off to get in the Word and knit.

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Wojo said...

I can't wait for Jean and I to share all those joys with you guys. By the way, it is good to know Paul is a man who pees standing up...LOL