Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Bible in 90 Days

Early in the year, Haven Ministries had a two part broadcast on the Bible in 90 days. I hate reading programs, but combining reading and listening is working really well for me. I am loving this schedule and seem to be picking up little things here and there. I really love the time I'm spending with the Lord and my husband (who started this unknowingly after Christmas and therefor is much further along in the Bible than I am).

I'd love to somehow bring the kids in on this - we've already read through their new Bible they got at Christmas - which by the way is positively the BEST children's Bible ever. :) For any age but especially for pre-k kids. It's called, "The Jesus Storybook - Every Story Whispers His Name". We're starting it for a second time now. But want to bring the kids into a routine with me. When I was a kid, Mamau and I always had special reading time together - even before I could read. It really created a passionate love of books in me, and I want my kids to have that as well - preferably their first love being with the Bible. Not sure best to achieve that yet because I also don't want to force my kids and not make it fun for them.

On another note - little Anya is starting her potty training today. So far, everything that should be in the potty has been - and not on the carpet. :)

Our friend Wayne wrote out a new eating lifestyle for us and of course wonderful Barbie emailed us a sample menu. I successfully picked up at the store foods to meet this new lifestyle and here's hoping it works this time! I'd love to drop the baby weight and really honor God with my body as completely as possible. The knitting lesson is this Saturday so I'm totally excited about that. I cannot wait to learn this and knit and listen to the Word at the same time (for some reason this just seems totally great to me :P ).

Off for a walk! :)

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