Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Sometimes I really wish I was more anonymous in my blogs - sometimes it bothers me that people IRL are reading this and knowing me on a more personal or intimate level than perhaps I'd be comfortable with. However, I started a blog a long time ago to discuss a journey with Christ, and regardless of it being an up or down day, I still am going to be blogging.

Last week, the leader and "prophet" of the LDS church, Gordon B. Hinckley passed away. He was 97 years old. Since his passing, various discussion boards involving Mormonism or that have LDS posters, have been a buzz with one of two discussions - the life, memory, and paying respects to GBH as the modern day "prophet" and the other, calling LDS to repentance so that they, like their leader, don't burn in hell. This has been particularly disturbing for me. When I post about human decency, kindness, and respect - the passage from Jeremiah is thrown up that our hearts are deceitful, that God isn't a respecter of persons and nether should we be either, and so on and so forth. Even my own husband, thinks that there is no better time to bring attention to the falsehood of the LDS church than the time following the passing of Gordon B. Hinckley. And yet, I cannot disagree more. When I see Christians reacting in these manners, all I can think of is how this appears to the world outside - those religious fanatics who cannot give peace even in a time of death. And I cannot help but think of how much these people must truly hate the LDS church to be moving in such a manner.

Yet, while I observe some LDS posters begin to write about crying the whole day, or rewinding their recorded funeral services for GBH and watching them over and over and over - I begin to wonder if those heartless Christians I'm observing might be right. I cannot fathom crying all day or even at all over GBH if I were still LDS - I'd be so ecstatic for him. I wouldn't mourn him. Even now, a part of me that still respects him as a man of God, is happy that he's passed on into a better life with Christ. Through all of these seemingly cold discussions, I've found a lot of peace with my past in the LDS church and feel almost like I'm back at the beginning of my journey. I was recently sent an email from a fellow GP attendee and it was about the lack of discernment that Joel Olsteen was without because he didn't see Mormons as non-Christians. And yet, when I really stop and think about it - I totally agree with Olsteen and disagree that he's lacking discernment because he won't chuck them out of the Christian umbrella.

A LDS poster has been posting about the GBH BOM 97 day challenge (symbolizes GBH's 97 years alive) - and I have to say, it just totally and completely creeps me out and I hope, if I were still LDS, it'd creep me out as well. In all my time in the LDS church - as a child, adolescent, and finally an adult - I cannot ever remember the church creating a Bible challenge - or even a Doctrine and Covenants or Pearl of Great Price challenge. It's always the Book of Mormon (the very cornerstone of the religion). In fact, in just the last two, maybe three years - there have been as many Book of Mormon challenges - to read it by the end of a year, to read it in 30 days, and now to read it in 97 days. My skin just crawls.

However, my all time favorite apostle was appointed as the new Prophet, Seer, and Revelator - Thomas S. Monson. Steve and I just loved him. While I know some Christians won't understand, but I'm happy for him. I look forward to observing his leadership in the LDS church.

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Steve and Paula Runyan said...

Hi, I had left a question with you a few days ago. i hope you were not offended by my request for help in witnessing to a Mormon.
I have been doing some research on my own, but its alot to get through.
I do not personaly know anyone who used to be Mormon, that is why when I ran across your blog, I felt that the Lord had directed me there.
Paula Runyan