Tuesday, February 26, 2008

American Idol - David Archuleta

I haven't really watched American Idol in years - it's lost it's awe with me. However, when I got home today DH had the computer up and ready to show me what he called the most amazing performance he had ever seen. Granted, I loved American Idol performances - but I went to a performing arts school with tons of great, amazing, chill popping talent. So when he showed me the following video, I cried from the most amazing performance I've ever heard - that includes a lot of amazing performances I've been blessed to see.

Ironically, this was also GP worship band's opening song. Add David Archuleta to GP's band and it'd be unstoppable.


Anonymous said...

Is David Archuleta a Christian because I LOVE him.

Maggie said...

Depends on who you ask. :P

He's LDS so some Christians might not believe he's a Christian. I personally don't know what his personal beliefs are and would rather be more positive than down and believe he does have an intimate relationship with Christ.

Either way - he has an AMAZING voice. Too bad I won't be able to watch the result show on Thursday to see who will be the final 12. :)

Dianne said...

i hear somewhere that he's mormon. is that jsut a rumor started becasue he's from utah?

Anonymous said...

LDS are modern day American Christians who believe that god made a new covenant with the people of America via the Angel Moroni (hence Mormon) who revealed the teachings to mormon prophet Joseph Smith in the form of golden plates. The plates are akin to the tablets given to Moses with the ten commandments.

LDS are sincere believers who are starting to knock heads with the established christian sects because they have the book of mormon which is an addition to the bible that details Gods modern message for these Latter Day Saints.

The bottom line is that they are spiritually devout, very family oriented, and extremely patriotic. They might have taken Christianity on a different course, but they are 100 percent Christian and it would be false to misrepresent them as a cult or anything other than a Christian Sect.

Maggie said...

Now that is an interesting run down on LDS history.

My comment, "Depends on who you ask. :P" was 100% sarcasim.

I come from a LDS family so I totally believe Latter Day Saints are Christians.

However, I am of the mindset that just because a person is LDS, Evangelical, Baptist, or a Catholic for example, does not mean they are Christian (it doesn't mean that they are NOT Christian either though) but rather if they are a Christian is entirely dependent on their relationship with Jesus Christ.