Wednesday, February 20, 2008

30 Day Sex Challenege

This is getting a lot of publicity from the media. A pastor encouraging the married members of his congregation to have sex for 30 days, and for unmarried people - no sex for 30 days.

Of course, since Steve is the news guru in our home, he was the first to hear about this on NPR. A link to the information:

Relevant Church's website - it seems a lot like GP.....

I do not advise going to the Youtube site unless you directly go to Relevant Church's profile - it's all been linked to porn. :P

I've added this church to my podcasts - I'm interested to hear some of the sermons...

In the broader scope - what's up with some church plants? I am not saying this critically, but rather I just don't get it. I've heard now of two mega/uba churches that plant others that have at least two (or more) campuses where the "lead pastor" is such a superstar that they need video equipment so the other campus(es) can view the lead pastor teaching via video. What? Excuse me? I thought we were all at a church to go and worship God - you know the one who hung on a cross, not the one wearing the slick suit. Maybe someone can explain it to me, because if your congregation is asking staff members where the pastor will be teaching "live" so they can go there - something seems REALLY wrong there.

On a related note - I've been finding more and more church's either one their websites or in their sermons make a note about dress codes. Not like GP where it's, "Come as you are," or however you feel comfortable. Devin makes jokes about people showing up dressier than him or in jeans and a t-shirt and that that's all totally fine. But I find it frustrating (maybe I've been in a seeker friendly church too long :P) to hear a pastor say, "If you see someone in a suit and someone with piercings, then the one in the suit is a first time guest, and the one with the piercings is the staff member" (paraphrase). Egh! Why point that out? Steve wore a suit on Christmas (my request - tradition, legalism, and all) to Christmas services and had someone said something like that at GP, I'd been very putt off. What's wrong with dressing up for God? Nothing. Just like there is not anything wrong with coming as you are. Grrr....

Last thought, I realized tonight while listening to a sermon (from one of the uba churches) that God knit me in the womb - I've heard a million times before, just haven't paid it much mind before. God KNIT. God is a knitter - no wonder it's so awesome. ;)

Just goes to show - knitters rule. :P

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Steve and Paula Runyan said...

What an interesting challenge. I was kinda disturbed by one thing though. The pastor says its ok for singles to engane in sex once the 30 days are up. Whats up with that? The Scriptures make it clear that sexual intimacy was designed for marrige only.
Its sad that so many Christians are compromising today, usually in the name of meeting people where they are at.
I find many think allowances need to be made so that a person can be comfortable. Where is the conviction of sin? The being seperate from the worlds "standards"?

Ok, I will get off my soapbox for now :o)