Friday, January 4, 2008

A few randdom thoughts...

♥ I just ordered a book from the library about the Jewish Shabbot - I am super excited. It has a whole chapter on proper head covering! I also have a book on Sabbath resting on hold as well, I'm hoping to find a balance between Jewish customs which were the very beginnings of honoring God's Holy Day while staying outside the legalism my heart so loves. ;) I don't want my Sundays to be a day of dread, but a day totally dedicated to God, family, and obediance - whatever that might end being in our family.

♥ Last night, we watched (foolishly because we stayed up way too late) License to Wed - a must see! If Catholic catchesim was like that with Father Frank, I'd say we might be tempted... (j/k)

♥ For Christmas, I got Heroes season 1 - of course, I LOST a disc already and I'm going nuts about it!. :P

LOST will finally be returning! There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Whew.

♥ Oddly, this time around while being sick, my house isn't wrecked! It's actually very clean. Maybe it's because I don't have five toddlers running around here, just two. Ah, the peace.

♥ I'm going to be starting an online Bible study (using Beth Moore's study) in the next week or so with some friends. Very exciting. :)

♥ I feel pretty bad that I haven't blogged about my conversations about the gospel with my family or returned emails to people lately. I just haven't been in a communicating mood. :P

♥ GP Kidz is awesome.

♥ GP Kidz is totally terrifying. Could they just stare at you even more like you're a total freak dancing on the stage? Yikes!

♥ Steve is rocking out the Greek. At night when he practices, he reads it out loud. And I thought simply learning my Greek alphabet was hard in a sorority (only burned myself once with the match!).

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