Tuesday, December 18, 2007

an-to-nym: Relationship l Legalism

On Sunday I picked up a much earlier series (from Feb. 07) called, "Antonym". For some reason, I've been wanting to listen to it - but just haven't until last night. It's a three part series so I've only listened to one part of the three, however I think it's just what I've been looking for.

I write a lot about "legalism" - like the trinity it's not a word really found in the Bible (there's legalistic I believe, but I don't think legalism is ever really defined) and so as a former Mormon I have really struggled with this problem. I know and have identified legalism as bad and as a heart issue, but I haven't ever been able to really look into it from a Biblical perspective outside of a few pages Beth Moore wrote in one of her Bible studies.

So far, the word "legalism" hasn't been used in the series - but it's defined perfectly throughout the whole thing. If GP will allow me, I'll upload my copy to the internet and highly encourage all of you to take some time and listen to it. I'll blog more about the series as I listen to it more.

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