Tuesday, December 11, 2007


A while ago (before Steve and I were at GP) they did a series called, Tattoo (click the link for a blog that Pastor Devin wrote and also to see more pictures since I copied this picture from his blog). The picture at left is a picture they took during the service - yes, a person was being tattooed during the service. The way I stumbled upon this series was in an email conversation about fruits of the Spirit. I was freshly out of the LDS church and just could not fully comprehend the differences in fruits of the spirit LDS style and Christian truth. So, Pastor Devin recommended that I pick up this series on cd. I did and imagine my freshly ex-LDS ears when I heard a tattoo artist buzzing around while I listened to the four cds.

I did love the series though and have returned to it often whenever I feel myself slipping into LDS thinking about fruits of the Spirit (I'll have to post the "list" of when you're in or out of the Spirit, etc.). As I've worked at my parents' store, I feel prompted to engage my co-workers in conversation, serve them, and try to invite them to church. Recently, while working with Justin, I mentioned that our worship leader (Wojo) had tattoos and that our Pastor had done a series called Tattoo. He seemed curious and asked more about it - by the end of the conversation he seemed very interested in listening to the series. So I brought my copy by last night to listen to and perhaps loan out to him if he came by. And of course, he was there helping out Rosa. I told him that I had brought the cds if he wanted to listen to them and he did. I can't wait to hear his feedback - especially since I invited his brother and him to Christmas weekend/Eve services. His parents are always telling him that if he doesn't attend church that he'll go to hell (not if he doesn't believe in Jesus - it's if he doesn't attend church) so I'm hopeful God will use these four great sermons to really engage Justin.

However, it's interesting - these cd's are like candy. As soon as another co-worker saw that I was lending out this series, she was there asking if she (Rosa) could borrow it too. Then later, when she was talking with Eric about it he wanted to hear it too. Wow!

I can't wait to see what God does at the store.

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