Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Target Practice

I've been beginning to wonder if I'm walking around with a target taped to me. In less than four days I've been in two almost serious collisions. The first one, Thursday night with a huge semi, I still don't know how it didn't hit me. I was driving to go pick up Steve and this semi-truck began inching over into my lane. I honked my horn and thought he saw me - but he must not have because right as I finally pulled ahead in my lane, he swerved entirely into my lane - as I watched in my review mirror and braced for the impact I could clearly see his headlights right on my tail. I think my heart stopped.

The second one, Sunday night, involved one of those HUGE pickup trucks (like a 350 or something). I was driving down Decatur and it had three lanes, I was in the far left lane and was the third car in my lane through the intersection. However, at the time I was in the intersection, I was the only car in the intersection. As I was almost through, I heard the squeal of brakes and began to look around for what sounded like an about to occur crash. As I looked to my right, there was this huge white truck barely stopped just inches from my passenger door. The cars in the other two lanes successfully stopped and no impact was made.

What I've gleaned from these heart stopping events is the following: God is sovereign. I can't explain why in less than four days I was almost totaled by two huge vehicles, nor can I explain why I wasn't totaled by these vehicles. But these events make very grateful for God. His hand of protection was so clear to me these two nights - especially Thursday since I had Paul and Anya in the car with me.

I am a bit sad that it takes two "extreme" events to remind me of God's sovereignty in my life, but am grateful that at least I was able to notice and acknowledge them. Make sure to take time to notice all the ways God is faithful in your life.

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