Sunday, December 16, 2007

So Addicted...

Steve got me a new mp3 player for Christmas (since the other one is technically his and I have totally worn it out in the space of a year....) and since the "old" one finally broke down he let me open it up early. Ah! I am so addicted to music ... With my new player came a one month subscription to Rhapsody. I've heard about this program before but never paid it much mind - but now with my one month subscription I've already downloaded almost 20 hours of music!

I don't know when I'll get to listen to all this music - but I am loving it! I got to download some awesome Christmas albums - including Michael W. Smith's newest one, then for a more rock sounding Christmas album I downloaded Relient K. So awesome! Got some Daddy Big Weave and Lincoln Brewster - I am totally set for some cooler worship!

Some of my favorite Christmas songs are listed below - however, I am going nuts looking for that new version of "Joy to the World" - they played it during church today for the starting song and I am totally in love with it. If anyone knows the band, album, etc - please let me know. (Waits for Kelli's comments....)

Christmas Favorites

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