Friday, December 28, 2007

Quick thoughts....

I have a "draft" that's about at least three pages long - I keep blogging as I go, don't know how to wrap up my thoughts, and save the ever lengthening blog . . . Eventually I will post it - this past week I've been discussing the Gospel with my family and it's all been really interesting. Can't wait to share. Please pray for them.

Tonight is Steve and my night off - we are so excited. The kids are at the grandparents in Pahrump. We went and saw "I am Legend" - we've heard some brutal reviews of it from people, so we were skeptical about seeing it. I'm not sure if the reviews we heard lowered our expectations or what - but we loved the movie. It was (for us anyways) consistent with the movie, and as real as you can get for a zombie movie. I would recommend it for anyone - just be prepared that it's not the usual Hollywood ending and I assume controversial.

Great great movie. However, do NOT watch, "Invisible" - I now have a movie to add to my, "utter waste of life and time watching" list. Thanks Steve - who inspired my mental list of such movies.

Well, back to my date night! Have a good weekend everyone.

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