Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Golden Compass

Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate hype. And this movie, The Golden Compass has drawn in a lot of contraversy within the Christian community - everything from attacking atheists to the movie itself and finally the author.

Tonight while checking out my Bloglines account - I noticed that our Pastor had written a blog about the Golden Compass and linked to a great article written by a Christian on it. Please take a moment to read it.

My favorite comments are below:

"A good first step would be to take a deep breath. The Christian faith is not about to be toppled by a film, nor by a series of fantasy books. Pullman has an agenda that is clear, and Christians need to inform themselves of what this agenda is and what it means. At the same time, nothing would serve his agenda better than to have Christians speaking recklessly or unintelligently about the film or the books."

"We should recognize that the Christian Church has some very embarrassing moments in its history - moments when it has failed to represent the truth of the Gospel and the love of Christ. Authors like Philip Pullman take advantage of these failures in order to paint the entire Christian Church as a conspiracy against human happiness and freedom. Of course, that charge will not stand close scrutiny, and we can face it head-on with a thoughtful response."

"The Golden Compass - A Briefing for Concerned Christians" by Albert Mohler

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