Thursday, December 20, 2007

About that...

- Only one more day of babysitting then 20 DAYS OFF! I could not be more thrilled. I will begin counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds very soon.

- Crunch time - the in-laws arrive at 9 am Saturday morning to celebrate Christmas. I bought three extra tall, "big boy" energy drinks and my coffee is filled.

- Steve will have about 13 days off in just one more day.

- I cannot wait for my first day to sleep in - after Christmas of course.

- God is so good.

- I cannot wait for this break to spend some one on one time with the kids, catch up on a mountain of reading I've been longing to do, and really spend some real alone, quality time with the Lord - minus the sound of fussing children, etc.

- This Christmas will be our first outside the LDS church, which is exciting but also makes me a bit nervous. It's so nice to have that tradition to fall back on - very comfortable. Excited to see what God does this year.

Now ... back to work ...

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