Monday, November 12, 2007

A Time to Practice what I pray

While driving home today, I listened to Crown Financial radio show. I began thinking of one of the parents of the kids I babysit and how she is a small group leader for CFM. I wanted to look further into the small groups and look into getting plugged into one for a 10 week course and learn some nifty new budgeting skills based on sound Biblical advice and perhaps find fincial freedom.

So I went to the website and looked into their Budget Planner. I decided to run over to my bank account and get exact numbers and figures to input into a budget and see if I came near the percentages that were given. That was almost two hours ago. When I logged into my bank account, I found that over $600 was missing! Immediantly I called the bank, then the source for the over $600 withdrawel, and back to the bank again. Someone *might* have our account number (yikes!) and someone might be using it on accident. Don't know so now we have to go through the pain in the behind paperwork to cancel all our EFTs and give them all the new account information, make a trip to the bank, and blah blah blah.

As I was wrapping up re-arranging my week (recall that I babysit three kids so I therefor have to find a day that won't inconvienent both sets of families and mine as well) the Spirit queitly whispered, "Shouldn't you be more concerned about the person who may be committing this fraud?"

Well of course I should. I've been praying to be less selfish - perhaps this is a wake up call to pratice what I pray for - forgiveness and praying for this other individual (whom I've learned is named Michelle). So, any prayers for this individual would be appreciated. Thank God for humbling me and reminding me to put others before myself.

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